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Xignite's Webhook API For Financial Alerts

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Xignite's Webhook API For Financial Alerts

Let's take a look at Xignite's webhook API for financial alerts and explore machine readable API definitions for inclusion.

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Our partner Xignite has launched a powerful new webhook API for getting financial market notifications pushed to the URL of your choice. Allowing developers to craft individual subscriptions to the robust financial markets data catalog Xignite brings to the table. Xignite provides a testable form for defining each of the alerts you create for the Xignite financial data APIs, allowing you define using the following data points: a href="https://www.xignite.com/product/market-data-alerts#/DeveloperResources/request">

- IdentifierType — The type of identifier used (ie. Symbol)
- Identifier — The specific identifier value for this alert.
- API — Which of the Xignite APIs you want to receive alerts.
- Condition — Allowing you to apply specific conditions to alerts.
- Reset — Determines the alert frequency, and if it resets itself.
- CallbackURL — The URL that the webhook alert will call when an event occurs.
- StartDate — Giving the alert a start date of when it will run.
- EndDate — Giving the alert an end date of when it will stop running.

Like the rest of Xignite's documentation, the Create Alert documentation page lets you register, login, and make an API call to the endpoint. Helping you learn how to make API calls to its notification services. We have created to machine readable API definitions for inclusion in our API gallery, and wanted to share here, helping jump start your integration with Xignite's financial notification services:

  • OpenAPI — A JSON OpenAPI definition for use in generating SDKs, and other tooling you will need to successfully integrate.
  • Postman — A JSON Postman Collection allowing you to quickly load up the Xignite create alert service in your API client

Xignite demonstrates the importance of having a robust and diverse event-driven infrastructure toolbox for your API platform. Providing web services, request and response web APIs, webhook push solutions, as well as streaming editions of your highest volume APIs — allowing your API consumers to choose from what they need. Providing multiple approaches to getting data as it is needed, as well as in real-time.

If you would like to learn more about how we've helped Xignite with their event-driven API infrastructure, feel free to reach out. We are happy to share how we've helped augment their existing API stack with event-driven solutions, that helps them better meet the needs of their customers.

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