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Xtext + RedView == Businessapptester

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Xtext + RedView == Businessapptester

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Last months florian pirchner was working on a customer project, where redView and xtext are used to simplify testing of an ERP solution.

and as always usual for florian and me: there will be something open sourced ;-)

What was the problem of our customer ? there are many modifications and configuration done for  their ERP solution and the ERP vendor couldn’t guarantee that new releases of the software will work well together with the customer’s customizations.

So they have created an extra test database (that’s always a good idea) and the business departments have created huge Excel sheets to define all the use-cases to be tested against the new release. (per ex. if customer x gets 3 parts of item y the price must be n EUR)

But manually testing these things is very slow, time-consuming and error prone. They also thought about writing Unit tests (this is possible because they bought the SDK of the ERP solution). Unit tests are great and can be automated – that’s good. But now they always need help from IT or developers and all the business use cases are hidden inside many test classes. Also it’s boring to write many test classes testing the same behaviour with different data.


The BusinessAppTester will simplify writing those test classes. Using Xtext you can design the data schema to be used by a bunch of test runs easy. The corresponding Java code to inject the data was automagically be generated.

Using redView together with Xtext you get the formulas to enter the different data on the fly dynamically rendered.

Because it’s redView you can re-design the layout how you like it.

All is stored in EMF ecore models: redView’s view model, test schemata, test instances – and now you can use all tooling available for EMF – per ex. EMFStore or CDO to work in teams with the models.

BusinessAppTester is the first time where redView also uses EObjects as domain model – before we used EMF for the View model but only Beans or POJOs as domain models. Now you’re completely free to use the domain model you want.

Video and EclipseCon

There’s a video demonstrating BusinessAppTester: https://vimeo.com/17955045

and there’s also an EclipseCon submission: stop writing boring unit tests.

BusinessAppTester will be at EclipseLabs in january 2011 and the new redView release will be there this month.

We designed BusinessAppTester as a generic tool be used from Java Projects and also PlugIn Projects to simplify testing where you have to test against different data scenarios.

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