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Ye Olde Kamera - Silverlight 4 Webcam & Old Movie Shader

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Ye Olde Kamera - Silverlight 4 Webcam & Old Movie Shader

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Another great and successful year comes to an end and I hope that the next year will get even better. We all don't get younger and we change over the years, but the last Silverlight demo I made for this year allows you take some fake aged memories with your webcam. The Silverlight 4 webcam and microphone support is always fun and even more when it's combined with a pixel shader. This demo uses my Old Movie Pixel Shader to create a neat real time webcam effect that simulates scratches, noise and other effects you might have seen in old movies. I also brushed things up a bit by framing the video output with a filmstrip and using some nice new icons from eggheadcafe.

The Silverlight 4 runtime must be installed to run the demo. You can download the beta developer runtimes for Windows and Mac.

I recommend the non-embedded version of the application.
 The Webcam capturing could be started and stopped with the camera Button. If you press it for the first time you need to give your permission for the capturing. This application uses the default Silverlight capture devices. You can specify the video and audio devices that are used by default with the Silverlight Configuration. Just press the right mouse button over the application, click "Silverlight" in the context menu and select the new "Webcam / Mic" tab to set them.
Press the disk Button to take a framed snapshot and save it to a JPEG file on your harddisk.
The amount of noise can be changed using the Slider and the movie ToggleButton allows you to disable the Old Movie Shader.

How it works
It's basically the Silverlight 4 CaptureSource class and my Old Movie Pixel Shader attached to the video output. I covered the Silverlight webcam and shader usage in this blog post and the JPEG encoding in this one. The Old Movie Shader was presented here.

Source code
The Visual Studio 2010 solution including the refactored Old Movie Shader is available here.

Final words
Thanks to my kids and especially to my wife for all her patience in 2009. I love her!
I also like to thank all the people and new friends I got to know this year and especially the Silverlight community. I hope you liked my blog posts and enjoyed the Silverlight demos I've made. I have more to come next year.

I wish you all a great new year, all the best in 2010 and peace!

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