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Yokozuna: Distributed Search You Don't Think About

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Yokozuna: Distributed Search You Don't Think About

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This video is from RICON East, which is a Riak focused conference. 

Allowing users to run arbitrary and complex searches against your data is a feature required by most consumer facing applications. For example, the ability to get ranked results based on free text search and subsequently drill down on that data based on secondary attributes is at the heart of any good online retail shop. Not only must your application support complex queries such as "doggy treats in a 2 mile radius, broken down by popularity" but it must also return in hundreds of milliseconds or less to keep users happy. This is what systems like Solr are built for. But what happens when the index is too big to fit on a single node? What happens when replication is needed for availability? How do you give correct answers when the index is partitioned across several nodes? These are the problems of distributed search. These are some of the problems Yokozuna solves for you without making you think about it.

In this talk Ryan will explain what search is, why it matters, what problems distributed search brings to the table, and how Yokozuna solves them. Yokozuna provides distributed and available search while appearing to be a single-node Solr instance. This is very powerful for developers and ops professionals.

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