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Is Your Brand as Dynamic as Google's?

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Is Your Brand as Dynamic as Google's?

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It used to be said that your logo should never change.  However, the internet and social media in particular have changed all that.  Companies, of all sizes are using a much more dynamic approach to their branding and becoming less fearful and more creative about dynamic and evolutionary branding.  Here are 7 reasons your brand should be dynamic.

1.  Go With The Flow

If you look back on photos of yourself from years ago, the chances are that you have different hair styles, dress code and indeed thinking styles.  You will have learned, grown and evolved and become more mature.  What you wore as a teenager is likely not what you wear now (assuming you are not a teenager.)  Your brand should reflect your growth and evolution. 

2013 03 11 0948 7 Reasons Your Brand Should Be As Dynamic As Googles

2.  Be A Trend Setter

Are you a thought leader, trend setter or first responder?  If you are, then  keeping up with or setting trends and reflecting your individuality  is all part of your brand.  It shows that you are innovative and on the ball, catching the first wave.  If this is boldly stated within your branding, then customers will learn to trust your pioneering products early on. 

3.  Getting It  Wrong Is Not A Capital Offence

It was considered an unforgiveable sin to make a fashion faux pas in the media or make a mistake with your logo in years gone by.  No longer do you have to lie in your bed just because you made it.  Brands are much more likely to try things out and then test them with public response.  They can get direct response from their public via metrics and social media these days.  Brands are allowed bad hair days too!

2013 03 11 0854 7 Reasons Your Brand Should Be As Dynamic As Googles

4.  Keep It Interesting Otherwise People Get Bored

Brand loyalty cannot be taken for granted.  People are fickle, they have short attention spans and get bored esily.  They are more aware of their choices and make them impulsively from the keyboard.  Customers have come to expect to be entertained as well as wooed when buying in to something.   If your brand does not embrace the rapidly changing world then another choice is just a window and click away.

5.  We Are All Agog For Reality

In a time when TV is dying, reality shows are thriving.  This is because they are in real time and once the moment has passed, it is no longer of interest.  Twitter, Facebook and Skye News have all contributed to the in the moment reporting and the reality culture we live it.  Our social media profiles change with the seasons, our adventures and the changes on the UI platforms.  They never stay still and we have become used to adapting to constant change. 

2013 03 11 0949 7 Reasons Your Brand Should Be As Dynamic As Googles

6. Go Create

We are all much more in control of our internet presence.  No longer is it just about having a boring old website that someone else controlled, it is about being able to completely express yourself with photos, logos, widgets, gadgets, videos, sounds and words.  We are all journalists and artists.  More than ever, you can create your brand yourself.  Your world is your lobster and your laptop is your canvas. 

7.  Diversify Or Die

Not many brands can afford to continue producing the same products or services all the time.  We have to keep changing and responding to what our ever changing markets want and keep up with advancing technology. Your brand needs to do the same.

2013 03 11 0946 7 Reasons Your Brand Should Be As Dynamic As Googles

Take a leaf out of the Google book.  They keep certain things the same, but change their homepage is always different.  Their memorable name is probably the most recognised brand in the world and is synonymous with growth and innovation.  This is not to say that you should be slap dash with your marketing material, but that you should forgive your own mistakes, think deeply about your brand concept and keep responding rather than reacting.

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