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YourKit Java Profiler 9.0

YourKit, LLC is glad to announce immediate availability of YourKit Java Profiler 9.0

It can be downloaded at http://www.yourkit.com/download/



  - Get almost unlimited capabilities to analyze issues specific to your particular
    application, as well as automatically recognize problems typical to wide range
    of applications
  - Customizable to fit your needs
  - Recognize typical problems with the help of built-in probes which are ready to
    use out-of-the-box
  - Inspections enable automatic high-level analysis of application
  - Rich UI enables comprehensive analysis of probe results


  - Analyze CPU profiling results, ignoring particular methods or focusing
    on particular methods only
  - Estimate CPU usage in given time range, basing on available stack trace telemetry
  - "Method list" is available in live view, in addition to "Call tree"
  - CPU tracing: calibration helps to exclude tracing overhead from the results


  - Ability to ignore particular references in paths
  - Per-memory pool telemetry
  - Class hierarchy slave view
  - HPROF snapshots: object shallow sizes are calculated more accurately
  - Ability to open Android HPROF snapshots


  - Ability to see time as clock (system time in profiled system)
    in addition to uptime (time passed since profiled application start)


  - GlassFish 3 supported
  - Simplified profiling of applications running inside an OSGi container
  - J2EE Statistics: an option to show/hide short calls
  - Tomcat 6 support improved


  - NetBeans 6.8 supported
  - MyEclipse 8.5 supported
  - Integration wizard improved to handle some NetBeans configurations
  - Ability to specify in the plugin UI 32-bit or 64-bit agent


  - Welcome screen: to help troubleshooting possible connection problems,
    "Monitor Local Applications" provides an option to see all Java applications
    running on the machine, including those not started with the profiler agent
  - Table columns are resizeable, and if column content does not fit,
    a scroller appears
  - Telemetry graphs are filled with color
  - Profiler events such as switching profiling modes,
    starting/stopping profiling, capturing snapshots etc. are now logged to the log
    file, as well as are available in the UI
  - Quick info: an option to see non-filtered stack traces
  - Summary tab: list of all system properties is available ("System properties")
  - Summary tab: Java version is shown with all available VM detail


  - Java 7 supported
  - HP-UX supported (IA64)
  - Ability to export basic snapshot views to *.csv, *.txt, *.html via
    a command line tool
  - "Settings | Snapshot Directory..." allows to configure snapshot directory location
  - Ability to combine exclusive and inclusive filter patterns
  - API: added new methods
  - Windows: installer offers to automatically previously uninstall builds
  - Solaris: yjp.sh automatically starts the profiler UI with a 64-bit JVM if
    it is available
  - Optimization: bytecode instrumentation improvements
  - Caveat: only applications running on Java 6 or newer can be profiled.
    New functionality provided by this version of the profiler requires Java 6 APIs
    which are not available in earlier Java versions.
    For profiling Java 5 applications, please use YourKit Java Profiler 8.0.

See complete list of changes at http://www.yourkit.com/changes/

Best regards,
YourKit Team
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