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Yow! Conferences, for Australian Developers by Developers

Check out this software development conference that's currently catering to devs in Australia, but is soon expanding to Southeast Asia.

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I am back in Melbourne (Australia, sorry Florida) for the first time in 3 years and I am lost and confused. I lived in Melbourne for eight years and was heavily involved in the tech community. Yet I don’t recognize anyone or any of the projects people are talking about. Much the same as many places I have visited in the past years, the tech and startup scenes in Australia are buzzing. Local ventures burgeoning, and offices of international companies opening in the new skyscrapers dotting the city.

Yow! has run conferences around Australia since 2008 and I remember attending their evening events when I first lived here, squeezed into an auditorium at one of Australia’s largest banks. Its origins may be familiar to DZone readers, as it’s creator Dave Thomas has a long history in the programming space. He intended it as an Australian alternative to the Danish JAOO (Java and Object Orientation) conference as also has close ties to the more Northern hemisphere focused GoTo conferences, which I have also attended.

There is no particular topic focus for the conferences, but it claims “for developers by developers” and to have no vendor pitches, although though sponsors tend to have a substantial presence in the attendees and speakers. Attendance at the main conferences is around a respectable 900.

I attended a handful of talks at this 2017’s Melbourne conference and across three tracks saw a good mixture of talks on conceptual overviews, tech culture, and geeky enthusiasm, giving a good balance of topics to suit most attendees. There was a clear difference between the organization of Australian and European conferences and the past three years had pushed the experience out of my mind. European conferences are light on communication and ‘gentle coercion’ to keep talks and break times running, whereas Australian conferences verge on almost over communication and enthusiasm. I don’t mean this as criticism to either side, but it takes a little getting used to.

My favorite talk was “An In-Depth Look at Event Sourcing with CQRS” by Sebastian von Conrad, Director of Engineering at a local startup, Culture Amp. Partially because I’ve recently been working with an event sourcing database without understanding the principles, but mostly because it was a well clear and well-structured explanation.

For those of you not in Australia, Yow! is expanding into South East Asia with events in Singapore and Hong Kong, and of course, there are the partner events I mentioned above. If you fancy a trip to Australia, check their calendar for calls for proposals.

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