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Zeef.com and NetBeans IDE

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Zeef.com and NetBeans IDE

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In the previous conversation with Nebrass Lamouchi, we learned about his favorite NetBeans IDE features. In the interview below, Nebrass talks about Zeef.com and its connection with NetBeans IDE.

Hi again Nebrass, what is Zeef.com?

Zeef.com is a place where you find and create lists of links about your favorite topics.

I got started with Zeef in December 2013. The first section I created on Zeef was the
GlassFish Page, which was published on December 27th, 2013.

After that, I created the NetBeans page on January 20th, 2014:


The page contains a lot of useful NetBeans news, articles, and tutorials. There are also great links to blogs and to useful NetBeans books.

NetBeans's features and performance have always been productivity boosters. I have always enjoyed coding with NetBeans. So, promoting NetBeans is a regular activity of mine in activities such as craftsmanship meetings and workshops.

Then I thought that the idea of creating a NetBeans section on Zeef might be a great next step. Sharing my coding experience with NetBeans users through an innovative platform as Zeef was a successful step in spreading the great NetBeans experience.

The NetBeans page is a very useful holder of links, books, articles & tutorials that every NetBeans user needs to improve the NetBeans's coding experience.

The page gets many visitors from experienced users, as well as from newbies.

How can other people get involved or help you?

Every NetBeans fan or user can proceed to add content to the page in every section. If an author wants to include an article or a book in the page, we can share links too. You can suggest even new links blocks or even you can think of a total refactoring of the page.

Thanks Nebrass and thanks for your promotion of NetBeans via Zeef and your enthusiasm for NetBeans and your participation in its community!

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