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ZK 5 is Officially Released

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ZK 5 is Officially Released

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Since its release to the Ajax community in 2005, the ZK open source framework has developed a strong community with tens of thousands of registered developers and over one million downloads.

Building on its existing server-centric foundation, ZK 5 introduces Server+client Fusion; the technology combines the productivity and security gains of server-centric development with the full controllability of client side programming.

Key advancements in ZK 5 include:
  • Server+client Fusion; developers are free to leverage technologies from both sides of the server-client architecture
  • Ajax-as-a-Service delivers the necessary JavaScript bundles to achieve Enterprise Application Integration
  • Java EE 6 CDI support; ZK is up to speed with JSR-299(Weld), having integrated context dependency injection in ZK, complementing ZK Spring
  • jQuery integration; the abundant jQuery plug-ins and tools are now available for creating responsive UIs at the client side
  • Event queue, which shields developers from the complexity of Ajax and server push, such as multi-thread programming
  • Creation Deference technology schedules the generation of ZK component and DOM elements to boost performance and lower memory usage when handling vast amounts of data
  • Sophisticated layouts and controls, flex, boxes and cells, afford users greater control when designing rich application interfaces
  • Enterprise level spreadsheet functionalities such as in-place editing, column freezing and auto fitting
  • Security enhancements, such as additional JavaScript injection prevention that blocks foreign requests

The release of ZK 5 marks the launch of ZK’s new “developer-centric” architecture with emphasis on enterprise level application support. Learn more about ZK 5’s architecture and features at http://docs.zkoss.org/wiki/New_Features_of_ZK_5.0.

Feedback and comments are most welcomed on ZK Forum.

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