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Zone Leader Smackdown Round 2: Will AI Take Our Jobs or Enhance Them?

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Zone Leader Smackdown Round 2: Will AI Take Our Jobs or Enhance Them?

Welcome to round two of our new Zone Leader Smackdown series. Come see our Zone Leaders, Cate Lawrence and Chris Ward, debate the topic of AI and how it might affect the human job market in the upcoming Zone Leader Smackdown 2.0: Will AI Take Our Jobs or Enhance Them?

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Ladies & gentleman, devs & ops, managers, minions, and everyone in the middle... welcome to round two of DZone's new Zone Leader Smackdown series!

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We debate. You decide.

This time around our Zone Leaders will face off over the topic of AI and how it might affect the human job market in the upcoming Zone Leader Smackdown 2.0: Will AI Take Our Jobs or Enhance Them?

Register for the Smackdown here. Read on for more details.

ZL Smackdown: Origins & Basics

The goal of the Smackdown is to give our Zone Leaders (ZLs) a debate platform in which they can discuss various dev-focused topics from opposing viewpoints, and you, the audience, get to choose our winner. This is a live debate format and will be presented as an interactive webinar with viewer polling throughout. 

Inspired by many different discussions and debates in our Zone Leader Slack channel, the Zone Leader Smackdown is an attempt to bring to life some of the magic that happens in the not-so-quiet comforts of the ZL Slack's GIF- and meme-filled chats. With the ZL Smackdown, we plan on taking two of our beloved Zone Leaders and pitting them against each other in an extremely violent cage match... well, metaphorically speaking.

Image titleClick the image for the full effect.

Defiant stares, body slams, gut jabs, throwing opponents into the turnbuckle, chair whacking... you'll see none of this! (Well, maybe if we're lucky, some defiant stares...) Instead, you'll witness a battle of the minds—Zone Leaders flexing their dev muscles to their fullest, fighting to express their opinions on hot and controversial topics, trying to convince viewers to agree with their side of the argument. And again, the audience will decide the winner!  

Since our newly planned medium is likely lacking in the meme department, I come bearing the best smackdown-esque GIF I could find:

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Our Smackdown will be just like this... metaphorically speaking.

Round Two: Will AI Take Our Jobs or Enhance Them?

Following the success of the first ZL Smackdown: Kotlin vs. Java—recap on that in a few!—we're now ready for round two. We've got another pair of Zone Leaders geared up to go, prepared to talk about AI and its effects on humanity, and particularly jobs.

  • Which industries and businesses are currently being helped by AI-related jobs? Which are disappearing due to AI?
  • How do you see regulation of AI (by companies, individuals, government, society) affecting the AI/human job market?
  • What do you think the long-term effects on the economy and society would be if AI were to "take over" human jobs?

These are a few of the topics we plan on debating in the Zone Leader Smackdown 2.0: Will AI Take Our Jobs or Enhance Them?Image title

Who's Gonna Be Smacking Down?

On the pro-AI side, robotics and IoT enthusiast Cate (The People's  Robot Overlords' Champ) Lawrence will explain why we should embrace artificial intelligence. She'll be facing off against "concerned citizen" Chris (The-Usually-Quite-Gregarious-But-Not-When-It-Comes-to-ZL-Smackdowns Mammal) Ward, who will discuss the potential dangers of an AI-dominated job market.

Oh yeah, and it's probably worth mentioning that this face-off is between wife and husband. So yep, there's a lot at stake here (pride, bragging rights, and more pride) as the couple must return home to face each other after the debate dust settles. And, let's not forget there's a pretty sweet belt on the line we'll be sending to the champion... assumedly, this will be used to gloat in front of the loser while back at the flat!

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Scroll on down to see previous smackdown champ Grzegorz Ziemoński rockin' this same belt. 

The Smackiest Smack Talk Around

When asked during our warm-up, what she thought about going up against hubby Chris, Cate, mid-sip into a glass of wine, cough-giggled and said nothing more—her confidence palpable as a fine merlot.

Catching up with Chris in Slack, he brought up a pretty good point...

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This is most definitely true as Cate can be seen befriending robots right in her DZone profile pic!

As you can see, both Cate and Chris are prepared to win at all costs. This isn't a game to them, their entire lives  month has been building up to this! So buckle into your computer chairs DZoners, with ferocious smack talk like this, you can expect a wild ride in this high-stakes debate.

Words of Wisdom From Our Previous Smackdowners

So, if you made it to our last smackdown—Kotlin vs. Java—then you'll know that Grzegorz Ziemoński, our Java Zone Leader who put his dukes up in the name of Duke, came out on top as our champion. James Sugrue, the man behind our Mobile Zone, argued the merits of Kotlin and swayed a good number of viewers' opinions, but ultimately, our Java heavy audience was not willing to make the majority move to Kotlin.

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Java juggernaut Grzegorz flexing his guns excitedly after the win! And months later, tired from the endless press, paparazzi, and lots & lots of flexing for photographs... ready to be relieved from the responsibility of carrying the champion's belt.

James, forever the nice guy, laughed when reminded that he was going up against viewers of a site previously called Javalobby. The underdog of our last debate, James provided uncharacteristically unsportsmanlike advice for our next ZL contestants:

Image title

"The first one is true." is definitely in reference to Grzegorz having rigged the game.
No doubts about that... I would never take something out of context!

Both previous participants are going strong as ZLs, helping to write and curate the best posts possible for DZone.com. Perhaps one day, we'll hold a rematch!

So, What Are the Logistics?

For this edition, I'll be asking 5 broadly-focused questions, allowing our Zone Leaders to explore the different pros and cons that AI might have on humanity through a series of topics primarily focused on the human job market.

Each ZL will be given 4 minutes to address each question without interruption, presenting her/his argument to viewers. After both initial arguments are presented, we'll follow up briefly with the first presenter, providing a chance for a 1-minute rebuttal. The second presenter will be expected to include a rebuttal within his/her initial presentation. We will choose who presents first ahead of time, and then alternate who goes first and second for each question.  

We'll continue along like this until we've completed all 5 questions, then we'll tally up the score from the audience response, finally choosing our winner based upon who has won the most questions.

We're shooting to have everything wrapped up in one hour, and depending on how much time we have left after the debate, we'll open the floor for questions from the audience.

And as pictured above, we actually plan on sending our winner a super  gaudy  classy, gold  encrusted  colored Zone Leader Smackdown world champion belt to celebrate the win. This is only a temporary trophy for whoever wins, as we have plans to let it travel from ZL to ZL depending upon who holds the title. Grzegorz will soon be saying goodbye to the champion's belt.

Wanna Join?

The Zone Leader Smackdown 2.0: Will AI Take Our Jobs or Enhance Them? is being held on Friday, the 13th of October at 2:00 PM EST. We're really looking forward to it and hope that you'll tune in for what's sure to be a fun debate!

You can register to join us by signing up here. Hope to see ya there!

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