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Java One 2013: My Impressions

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Java One 2013: My Impressions

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JavaOne 2013  was the greatest and most successful for NetBeans and me personally so far!

The biggest thing that happened this year: the Neuroph  project got the Duke's Choice Award! Neuroph is the flagship project of our NetBeans User Group Serbia, and many of our members have been involved in it. 

This award is a great recognition of the work that we have done, and a new push for the project. The Duke’s Choice Awards recognize and honor extreme innovation in the world of Java technology, and  are granted by Oracle and the Java Community to the most innovative uses of the Java platform. Read more at: Oracle  ,  Java.netThe Java Source , Neuroph

Turning to the sessions, I spoke at four of them, and in each I showed some of the things our community is doing, and shared our experience with NetBeans related projects.

The greatest impression on me was the talk by James Gosling at "15 Years of NetBeans" during NetBeans Day, about the early days of  NetBeans and Java and how everything started.

It was a fun fact to hear that NetBeans was too cheap for Sun to buy, since they wanted to spend a whole lotta money on a new Java IDE :) During that session, I talked about the NetBeans Dream Team, who we are, and what we do.  Then we had a Liquid Robotics live demo, also by James Gosling, a real time view from a camera on a robot in the middle of the ocean, and we saw James Gosling navigating the robot from a Java desktop application - it was amazing!

A few days after these sessions at NetBeans Day, a guy approached me in the bakery, and said: "Thanks for that talk on Sunday, I'm really thinking of getting more actively involved in the Netbeans community". I was very happy to hear that!

Then I had the Java Mind Reader session - which was my favorite! I showed how to connect to NeuroSky Mindset in Java,  read the EEG signals and process them with Neuroph! Full source and binaries from that demo will be available soon. Although it was evening session the room was full, and everyone were pretty excited about the topic. Together with me was prof Vladan Devedzic and he talked about Good Old AI framework and research group.

Right after that one we had the NetBeans Platform BOF titled Make the Future NetBeans Platform. It seemed like everyone involved in NetBeans were there, with Jaroslav Tulach, Martin Klahn and me speaking. We had great discussion about the possible directions of future development of NetBeans API's, tools and development practices.

Some general idea was how to provide base for specific types of NetBeans Platform applications, more specific domain and task oriented API's which could be extracted from the successful existing open source projects on NetBeans Platform. Some ideas were that this could be accomplished Maven and providing more specific wizards. Some of these ideas were further discussed during the session Hitchikers guide to NetBeans Platform by Geertjan Wielengha, with leads of the several NetBeans Platform based projects.

The session Building Rich Visual tools with Java, was based on our experience and best practice in development of visual editor for Neuroph Studio and NetBeans UML Plugin, but also the Visualization API for Neuroph Studio. A lot of participants said that they were about to create some visual tool in Java and hopefully they got some interesting ideas and guidelines.

Jaroslav Tulach provided very nice solution for creating 2D and 3D points independent from the technology/framework used. Very usefull for solving potential performance issues due point conversion  in charting components.

The coolest thing that I've learned at JavaOne this year is from a demo by Geertjan Wielenga, about how to use NetBeans with PrimeFaces framework, to create great looking Java EE7 CRUD app in 2 minutes without coding (just by running 3 wizards!):


Also, it was very exciting to hear about the "Internet of Things" and see that cool Raspberry Pi thing (must have it!)
My overall impression: JavaOne 2013 was not just about great sessions, interesting projects and a great community experience: in addition to all that, I got the feeeling some things really started happening, Java is really moving forward!


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