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Big Data: Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Looking back over the last 15 years, Big Data has often been framed as a problem, or perhaps an opportunity that has not yet been fulfilled. What needs to happen to transform this outlook so that we describe Big Data as being a solution rather than a nuisance? A new understanding hinges on having the right people and tools to execute the job, having a clear picture of what problems they are trying to solve, and how they will use and manipulate the data they are collecting. This Guide explores the critical capabilities in next generation self-service data preparation tools and dives deeper into applications and languages affiliated with Big Data. Look into a Big Data reference architecture for IoT and see why a lack of skilled professionals has been companies’ largest blocker in capitalizing on Big Data benefits.

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"A very good overview over the current status of Big Data. Can't imagine from which source one would get such quality information at the moment."

Volker Roth, Inhaber

"Very concise, straight to the point. Love it."

Alexander Volkov, Sr. Software Engineer

"Perfect for anyone from developer to C level, clean and detailed without drowning in overblown jargon"

Zantrik Castleview, IT Contractor

"I would say that it provides an exhaustive review of the current state of Big Data Technologies and the main players in the ecosystem."

Girish Chawla, VP

"A good overview for beginners and experienced professionals"

Xavier Méhaut, Consultant

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Key Research Findings
Data Lake Governance Best Practices
How Smart is Your Big Data Platform?
Using DataFrames for Analytics in the Spark Environment
Understanding Machine Learning
Checklist: Critical Capabilities in Next Generation Self-service Data Preparation Tools
Infographic: Machine Learning at the Big Data Buffet
A Big Data Reference Architecture for IoT
Executive Insights on the State of Big Data
Improved R Implementation of Collaborative Filtering for Recommender Systems
Diving Deeper into Big Data
Big Data Solutions Directory

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