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Guide to Enterprise Integration, 2015 Edition
The DZone Guide to Enterprise Integration, 2015 Edition investigates trends in the current integration landscape and how new patterns and technologies can help you reduce integration difficulties. It covers microservices and SOA, cloud integration platforms, RESTful communications, and how to overcome problems with distributed systems.
Guide to the Java Ecosystem 2015 Edition
The DZone Guide to the Java Ecosystem is an essential publication for understanding current research and trends surrounding Java development. It covers benefits of recent language updates, microservices and containers as they apply to Java, practical monitoring advice, and reactive programming principles.
Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics, 2015 Edition
The 2015 Guide to Big Data takes the three V's of the analysts (volume, velocity, variety) and translates them into what coders, architects, and sysadmins are actually doing right now: Spark, YARN, Storm, Mesos, Myriad, Kafka, columnar queries, OLAP — and how all of these stack — and much more.
Code Quality and Software Agility, 2015 Edition
The 2015 DZone Guide to Code Quality and Software Agility is an invaluable resource for understanding the software quality trade-offs at both the code and organizational levels. It covers testing and monitoring strategies, requirements management, team agility, and decision making.
The Internet of Things, 2015 Edition
The 2015 DZone Guide to the Internet of Things offers insight into executive and developer perspectives of IoT trends and concerns, a listing of platform and hardware solutions to facilitate IoT development, and a comprehensive checklist to help you secure your IoT applications.
Big Data Guide
DZone’s 2014 Guide to Big Data is the definitive resource for learning how industry experts are handling the massive growth and diversity of data. It contains resources that will help you navigate and excel in the world of Big Data management.
Enterprise Integration
DZone’s 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration is a unique resource for developers and architects to learn how industry experts are handling integration in legacy enterprise systems, modern systems, and massive web-scale systems. It contains resources that will help you succeed with modern architectural patterns and application integration.
Developer Programs
The 2015 DZone Guide to Developer Programs is the largest catalogue of developer programs in the world, and it is the key to understanding the potential benefits of each program and finding the perfect program for enriching your life as a coder.
Continuous Delivery
The 2015 DZone Guide to Continuous Delivery has more insight than ever into the status of DevOps in the enterprise and the obstacles facing developers, not only in their tooling, but within the organization as a whole
Database & Persistence Management
The 2015 DZone Guide to Database and Persistence Management is a valuable handbook for understanding and conquering the challenges posed by modern database usage.
Cloud Development
The 2015 DZone Guide to Cloud Development looks at not only what your options are for cloud providers and services, but what IT professionals are accomplishing with these changing technologies.
Performance & Monitoring
The 2015 DZone Guide to Performance & Monitoring will help you take a hard look at your software design and monitoring strategies so that you can build a performant foundation for your applications and better identify the root causes of performance problems.
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