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Devnexus 2015 - Developing High Performance Sites & Modern Apps w/ JavaScript & HTML5 by Doris Chen

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Devnexus 2015 - Developing High Performance Sites & Modern Apps w/ JavaScript & HTML5 by Doris Chen

In today's world, your site must me high performing. Check out this video of Doris Chen at 2015's Devnexus exploring the trend of high performance sites.

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Creating high performance sites and apps is crucial for every developer. In this session, we will explore the best practices and performance tricks, including startup time, UI responsiveness, and Memory efficiency to make your apps running faster and fluid. A causal game will be used to illustrate step by step how to optimize the application by applying all the optimization strategy. Come learn the tips, tricks, and tools for maximizing the performance of your sites and apps with JavaScript and HTML5.

Doris has over 18 years of experience in the software industry working in several open source web tier technologies, Java platform, .NET and distributed computing technologies. She has developed and delivered over 400 keynotes, technical sessions, code camps worldwide, published widely at numerous international conferences and user groups.

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