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Until recently, highly concurrent programs were the sole province of hardcore network programmers, but now any JavaScript-savvy web developer can write the same kinds of highly concurrent programs quickly and easily.
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Getting Started With Industrial Internet
Introduces basic concepts and technologies of the Industrial Internet, including sensors and actuators, industrial control systems, human-machine interfaces, real-time streaming data, device security, and more.
4,221 4,319
Getting Started With Docker
Teaches you typical Docker workflows, building images, creating Dockerfiles, and includes helpful commands to easily automate infrastructure and contain your distributed application.
13.2k 14.3k
Getting Started With Real User Monitoring
Teaches you how to use new web standards—like W3C’s Beacon API—to see how your site is performing for actual users, letting you better understand how to improve overall user experience.
5,443 7,312
Core Java
Gives you an overview of key aspects of the Java language and references on the core library, commonly used tools, and new Java 8 features.
108.4k 276.4k
JavaFX 8
Gives you what you need to start using the powerful JavaFX 8 UI and graphics tool with code snippets and visual examples of shapes and controls.
8,195 14.5k
Continuous Delivery With Jenkins Workflow
Provides an introduction to the Jenkins Workflow plugin, a tool that extends the popular CD application to manage even the most complex software pipelines and help you continuously deliver more efficiently.
10.4k 19.1k
Functional Programming in JavaScript
Explains functions, data types, and techniques to demonstrate the functional paradigm through the familiar JavaScript language.
14k 15.2k
Java Caching
Explores the building blocks of JCache and other caching APIs, as well as multiple strategies for implementing temporary data storage in your application.
11.7k 14.9k
Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics
The DZone Guide to Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics takes the three V's of the analysts (volume, velocity, variety) and translates them into what coders, architects, and sysadmins are actually doing right now: Spark, YARN, Storm, Mesos, Myriad, Kafka, columnar queries, OLAP — and how all of these stack — and much more.
Getting Started With Microservices
Still re-deploying your entire application for one small update? Microservices deploy modular updates and increase the speed of application deployments.
17.2k 20.6k
Code Quality and Software Agility
The DZone Guide to Code Quality and Software Agility is an invaluable resource for understanding the software quality trade-offs at both the code and organizational levels. It covers testing and monitoring strategies, requirements management, team agility, and decision making.
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