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DZone.com is one of the world’s largest online communities and leading publisher of knowledge resources for software developers. Every day, hundreds of thousands of developers come to DZone.com to read about the latest technology trends and learn about new technologies, methodologies, and best practices through shared knowledge.

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Our content comes from technology professionals who are DZone readers like you. Anyone can submit content, but we will internally review the quality of submissions. Learn more about our contributor programs if you are interested!

When and Why Did DZone Start?


DZone.com has roots in Javalobby, an online community for Java developers founded in 1997 by CEO Rick Ross. Javalobby preceded the era of blogs and forums to create a unique community that made all developers a part of the discussion and changed the face of technology development.

In 2005, Javalobby evolved into DZone.com in order to expand coverage far beyond the boundaries of the Java community. We continue our mission of giving developers a voice through our community, in addition to the ongoing goal of providing them with useful and valuable resources at no cost.

Today, we have over 1 million members, thousands of resources, and a constant stream of new content published every day. DZone continues to grow and evolve to better serve our audience of dedicated tech professionals.

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