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Q2 2022

Enterprise Application Integration

As with most 2022 trends in the development world, discussions around integration focus on the same topic: speed. What are the common integration patterns and anti-patterns, and how do they help or hurt overall operational efficiency?  

Q1 2022


CI/CD and Application Release Orchestration

With the need for companies to deliver capabilities faster, it has become increasingly clear that DevOps is a practice that many enterprises must adopt (if they haven’t already). A strong CI/CD pipeline leads to a smoother release process, and a smoother release process decreases time to market.

Q1 2022

Enterprise AI

Machine Learning, Design Paradigms, and Operational Impact

In recent years, artificial intelligence has become less of a buzzword and more of an adopted process across the enterprise. With that, there is a growing need to increase operational efficiency as customer demands arise. AI platforms have become increasingly more sophisticated, and there has become the need to establish guidelines and ownership.  

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