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  • The Benefits of Using a Managed Service for Your Open Source Data Infrastructure

    Presented by Instaclustr

    In this webinar we will talk about how companies use managed services to run open source technologies, the problems that some of these technologies solve, and how to run a managed service with Instaclustr. Our goal is to give an insight into the world of open source software and how easy it is to get it running in your organization. Instaclustr solves the expertise challenge of running open source software in a business setting by providing managed service and support for open source software.

    October 21, 2021 @ 1pm ET

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  • How to Fix the 5 Most Common AWS IaC Misconfigurations

    Presented by Bridgecrew

    Infrastructure as code (IaC) is critical for developing cloud-native applications at scale, but with added complexity comes added security considerations. If gone undetected, one IaC misconfiguration can snowball into hundreds of alerts and cloud risk. In this talk, we analyzed the most common AWS misconfigs within Bridgecrew’s IaC scan data to illustrate the importance of IaC security. We’ll walk through each of the misconfigs, the potential risk they pose, and show how to fix them.

    November 3, 2021 @ 1pm ET

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  • Scaling Kubernetes With Google Cloud and Splunk

    Presented by Splunk

    As you roll out Kubernetes across your organization, it's important to understand common implementation challenges. While Kubernetes provides agility for development teams, it introduces operational complexity and monitoring challenges. Join Amit Sharma from Splunk and Brian Farnham from Google Cloud to discuss: Key considerations in choosing Kubernetes platforms; real-time monitoring and troubleshooting strategies for Kubernetes deployments; demo on monitoring and investigation of real-world performance issues with Splunk.

    November 15, 2021 @ 1pm ET

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  • Improving the Developer Experience Through Continuous Testing

    Presented by Emtec

    A happy developer means great code. Most developers think the primary irritant in the delivery pipeline is the testing process. Too many stakeholders and too many back-n-forths…well, you know how that goes. So if you ever thought testing to be embedded within the development process, not tacked on at the end, we got you covered with Continuous Testing. Its major contribution is identifying high-risk release candidates before they go through the delivery pipeline. The webinar will cover the continuous testing strategies along with recommendations on tools and tips.

    November 16, 2021 @ 1pm ET

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