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  • Deploy a Cloud-Native Database on Kubernetes With CockroachDB

    Presented by Cockroach Labs

    Modern, distributed apps and services need a relational database that not only delivers a SQL interface, but is also built to scale and operate just as this new orchestration platform does. CockroachDB was built for Kubernetes. This webinar will use a hands-on demo to show you how pairing Cockroach with Kubernetes can simplify and speed cloud application development.

    May 26th @ 1pm EST / 10am PST

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  • Managing Business Risks of Large Scale Cloud Migrations

    Presented by WANdisco

    The leading enterprises continue to drive digital transformation and are modernizing their data architecture to take advantage of the many economic and functional benefits enabled by the cloud. While the move to the cloud is making companies more competitive, lean and nimble, many technical teams are concerned about the complexities and business risks associated with large scale data migrations. Join technical experts from Infosys and WANdisco as they share technical insights about the risks and costs associated with large scale data migrations. Learn how technical teams can avoid these business risks by leveraging a LiveData approach using WANdisco solutions.

    June 9th @ 1pm EST / 10am PST

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  • Live Tech Talk and Demo: Getting Started with DevOps on Snowflake

    Presented by Snowflake

    The topic of database DevOps is trending right now and most Snowflake customers are asking about it, especially those who want to build a modern data platform in the cloud. But actually doing DevOps for a database environment is difficult and has some unique challenges compared with doing DevOps for applications. This session will offer an overview of DevOps and highlight the challenges for applying it to databases. It will introduce the approaches and tools used for database change management with Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and include a demo of snowchange integrated with a popular CI/CD tool.

    June 10th @ 1pm EST / 10am PST

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