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  • Open Source APM for an Event Management Web Application

    Presented by InfluxData

    Supporting a hassle-free registration and web browsing experience for the largest gathering of CIOs and IT leadership teams from across the world is no easy feat. The challenge becomes even more intimidating when the user base consists of some of the most advanced IT professionals in their eld!

    Nov 20th @ 1pm ET

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  • How to Migrate to NoSQL Without Changing Your Whole Schema

    Presented by Couchbase

    This webinar will show architects and application developers how to achieve the benets of NoSQL without denormalizing their data. You’ll learn how to migrate a table-based data model to JSON documents, how to tweak your queries for relational JSON data, and how to create indexes to support fast query performance.

    Nov 21st @ 1pm ET

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  • How to Improve Your DevOps Practices and Culture

    Presented by Logi Analytics

    In this webinar, Ben Linders, an Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean, Quality, and Continuous Improvement, explores how to effectively apply DevOps practices and what can be done to establish a collaborative culture in organizations.

    Dec 10th @ 1pm ET

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  • Accessibility - 4 Tricks You Can Do Right Now!

    Presented by Plutora

    Incorporating accessibility features and designs into software development projects commonly is an afterthought and often seen as “too hard.” Non-compliance leaves the company exposed and just isn’t the right thing to do. Measuring progress across your enterprise is impossible – until now. Accessibility IS something your development teams can include in their development cycles now without interrupting the rest of the flow.

    Dec 11th @ 1pm ET

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