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  • Reign Supreme With Automated Testing on the Cloud

    Presented by Avo Automation

    Testing, automation, and cloud usage creates a compounding effect of software benefits. Think speed, quality, and happier customers. That is what a Fortune 500 manufacturing company achieved when they automated test on the cloud with Avo. Join the webinar to learn how they accelerated digital transformation and delivered quality software, faster.

    Wed, Dec 7th @ 1 PM ET

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  • Shift Left Observability: Discover True Cloud Native Observability

    Presented by Chronosphere

    Whether you’re migrating to cloud-native or born in the cloud, most of today’s APM and Observability tools don’t support how your engineers and DevOps teams need to develop, deploy, and support their software. Observability practices need to shift left and reflect how companies are organizing their development teams. Chronosphere is the only vendor addressing the unique requirements for observability in a cloud-native world. Join this webinar to explore cloud-native observability and how it differs from traditional cloud observability vendors, how to use cloud-native observability to do more “Dev” and less “Ops,” and more!

    Thu, Dec 8th @ 1 PM ET

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