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  • Increase App Confidence Using CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code

    Presented by CircleCI

    Infrastructure as code (IaC) is the process of managing and provisioning cloud and IT resources via machine readable definition files and is a part of modern continuous integration pipelines. IaC enables organizations to provision, manage, and destroy compute resources using modern DevOps tools. IaC enables this by statically defining and declaring these resources in code, then deploying and dynamically maintaining these resources via code. This webinar will demonstrate how to leverage IaC to provision infrastructure, deploy apps, test then destroy all the resources created in a single CI/CD pipeline run.

    Oct 27th @ 01:00pm EST / 10:00am PST

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  • RBAC for SSH and Kubernetes Access with Teleport

    Presented by Gravitational

    Enterprises are best served by leveraging an RBAC system to manage access to their SSH and Kubernetes resources. With Teleport, an open source software, employers are able to provide granular access controls to developers based on the access they need and when they need it. This makes it possible for employers to maintain secure access without getting in the way of their developers’ daily operations. This webinar will demonstrate how to assign access to developers and SRE’s across environments with Teleport through roles mapped from enterprises’ identity providers or SSOs.

    Nov 10th @ 01:00pm EST / 10:00am PST

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  • Discover, Deliver and Secure Your APIs...Anywhere

    Presented by Volterra

    There is growing adoption of Kubernetes apps alongside legacy application clusters, and the deployment of multiple K8s clusters introduces operational challenges for API discovery, delivery, and security – especially due to the rapid spread of APIs. This session will help you understand these challenges and introduce an architecture that can alleviate them across different cloud environments. The webinar will include a live demo of discovering, delivering, and securing APIs across multiple clusters and clouds.

    Nov 12th @ 01:00pm EST / 10:00am PST

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