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  • 5 Product Use Cases and Design Patterns for Data Apps

    Presented by Snowflake

    To provide organizations with the information they need to make effective decisions, today’s applications are built on data. But whether you are a startup or an enterprise, building data applications is hard. The volume of data is growing, and traditional solutions are costly to scale, require complex data pipelines, and are difficult to manage. This webinar will cover key use cases and patterns to help your teams develop applications that increase revenue and drive cost savings, and will describe how your organization can realize the benefits of data applications.

    Sept 24th @ 1pm ET

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  • DevOps 101: Introduction to Containers

    Presented by JFrog

    Containers have become integral to every phase in the lifecycle of application development. Production grade orchestration tools such as Kubernetes have been built to manage them and container platforms like Docker are becoming commonplace in both testing and development. Web tutorials on how to build and manage simple Docker images abound! But what are containers exactly and why have they become so essential to the DevOps ecosystem? This webinar is for those curious minds who want to look below the surface and really understand the mechanics of a technique that has actually been around longer than you may think. After this webinar, you will have a solid understanding of the what, how & why of virtualized container technology.

    Sept 29th @ 1pm ET

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  • How to Manage Multiple Data Platforms with a Single Tool

    Presented by IDERA

    In the rapidly changing world of today, many software and data professionals take on multiple roles. They often combine the roles of developer, DevOps, data analyst, and database administrator into a single job. This situation becomes even more challenging when dealing with many data platforms and complex database deployments. Ideally, you would use a single tool with an intuitive interface to simplify and automate your daily activities. Join IDERA’s Lisa Waugh to learn how to select a suitable database tool and how to accomplish the goals of different roles with such a tool.

    Oct 8th @ 1pm ET

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