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  • The Benefits of Open Source and the Risks of Open Core

    Presented by Instaclustr

    The open source movement has taken center stage in software development, and its influence echoes through other areas of life, such as open culture and open data. Many software companies hope to cement both their revenue sources and their status in open source communities by offering a mixture of open source (also called “free”) and closed (proprietary) software. The combination is generally called open core which brings with it often hidden and misunderstood risks. Join us to learn more about open source and open core, how to distinguish open core from other trends, the benefits of open source over open core, and more!

    June 1, 2022 @ 1pm EDT

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  • How to Power Offline-First Apps That Are Always Fast and Never Fail

    Presented by Couchbase

    Today's app users are more mobile than ever, frequently moving in and out of areas that have slow internet or none. But they still expect your apps to always function smoothly, or else they’ll quickly quit using them altogether. To meet these high expectations, you need a modern database that can be embedded in mobile and edge devices to eliminate dependency on the internet and make your apps speedier. In this webinar, we’ll explore mobile app challenges that come with a cloud-only architecture, how offline-first apps can provide the “always fast, always on” experience users expect, and more!

    June 7, 2022 @ 1pm EDT

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