How to Preview Blobs With HTTP POST and Angular 5

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How to Preview Blobs With HTTP POST and Angular 5

In this quick but helpful article, a software architect documents how to upload images to a web page using Angular and HTTP POST.

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With Angular, we can call a web service to get an image as a Blob, convert that to an image and display it on a web page. This may sound like a straight and standard use case but I ended up spending a lot of time trying to get this to work and a lot of asking around. This has been one of the main motivations to write this article.

What I Wanted to Do

To begin with, I am building a website that displays thumbnails retrieved from a URL. On clicking on the thumbnail, the full sized image loads in a new page. Like a typical carousel, but the catch is that the thumbnail is generated dynamically and does not load from or stored on the local machine.

Use-case: Image at a URL → Run through a Web service to get thumbnail → Web service responds with a thumbnail of the image → Display the thumbnail on the web page.

The Challenges

  1. Make an HTTP POST to get a blob/image — We need to send some input parameters (image URL, keys) to the web service that validates your input and sends the image as a blob (assuming the external service does the thumbnail generation for you).
  2. Convert JSON/blob to an image/thumbnail — HTML cannot understand and display blob (weird characters) that the service returns.

The Solution

With a combination of Angular and vanilla JavaScript, we can achieve this as below.


thumbnailFetchUrl : string = "https://south/generateThumbnail?width=100&height=100";

getBlobThumbnail(): Observable<Blob> {
    const headers = new HttpHeaders({
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      'Accept': 'application/json'      
    return this.httpClient.post<Blob>(this.thumbnailFetchUrl,
        "url": "http://acs/Logo.png"
      }, {headers: headers, responseType: 'blob' as 'json' });


imageBlobUrl: string | null = null;

getThumbnail() : void {
      .subscribe((val) => {
        response => {
          console.log("POST - getThumbnail - in error", response);
        () => {
          console.log("POST - getThumbnail - observable is now completed.");

  createImageFromBlob(image: Blob) {
    let reader = new FileReader();
    reader.addEventListener("load", () => {
      this.imageBlobUrl = reader.result;
    }, false);

    if (image) {

Since the Angular service ablobService returns a blob, we create an image from it using createImageFromBlob .


<h2>Thumbnail imageBlobUrl</h2>
  <img [src]="imageBlobUrl">

Image title

The image/thumbnail will be displayed on the HTML web page. 


  • Environment: Angular 5.0.0.
  • Live example and code on GitHub (coming soon).
  • StackOverflow on this issue.
  • Discussion on Angular GitHub about this issue.

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