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Data Persistence

At the core of every modern application is an endless, diverse stream of data and with it, an inherent demand for scalability, increased speed, higher performance, and strengthened security. Although data management tools and strategies have matured rapidly in recent years, the complexity of architectural and implementation choices has intensified as well, creating unique challenges — and opportunities — for those who are designing data-intensive applications.

DZone’s 2021 Data Persistence Trend Report examines the current state of the industry, with a specific focus on effective tools and strategies for data storage and persistence. Featured in this report are observations and analyses of survey results from our research, as well as an interview with industry leader Jenny Tsai-Smith. Readers will also find contributor insights written by DZone community members, who cover topics ranging from microservice polyglot persistence scenarios to data storage solutions and the Materialized Path pattern. Read on to learn more!

Published: Feb. 26, 2021