10 Famous Apps Using React.js

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10 Famous Apps Using React.js

See ten famous applications that are using React.js nowadays, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

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Front-end development is continuously increasing by adding new tools released daily. There are several libraries and frameworks available online, and choosing one from them is quite difficult. Talking about front-end development, Angular was the default choice for many business owners, but the time has changed, and React.js is breaking records in the web development market.

What Is React?

Do you remember how Facebook and Messenger looked a few ago? You needed to refresh the entire page for new updates. But with React.js, a popup message will appear, and clicking on that will help you update automatically. As a React.js web development company, we can define React.js as one of the powerful and reliable cross-platform tools used by top companies to develop mobile applications. It mainly uses JavaScript with JSX, ES6, and major updates to JavaScript including dozens of newly added features. 

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Below, we have showcased the top mobile apps that were built using React Native.

1. Facebook 

Facebook uses React Native, as it is a cross-platform mobile app development platform that develops its own mobile app. There are around 990 million users of Facebook daily, as this social channel helps us to stay connected with friends and family. Facebook is built on React Native and is responsible for displaying the iOS and Android native components. The React.js library was first placed on Facebook when the beta version was created. It was completely rewritten in React Native and called React Fiber.

2. Instagram

React.js has played a vast role in delivering a digital experience to the user connected with Instagram. The app gives an amazing look and feel in terms of UI and UX. Moving an existing app to new technology is a big challenge for Instagram, but React Native has comparatively played well. The major change was made in the effect of the app and was easy to maintain for both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Netflix

Today, when you're enjoying great UI and UX, it is due to React Native. It was also added with Netflix when it was facing low performance on various devices. Netflix has initially published the blog by explaining how the React.js library helped to overcome the difficulties by improving runtime performance, modularity, and various other advantages.

4. New York Times

Coming with a new design and a great project, the New York Times has taken a great step with React Native. The new project adds a great look to the content implemented to it. Looking at the interface, we can see that it was built with React Native, as there are impressive features added to it.

5. Discovery VR

Discovery VR is one of the top React Native virtual reality apps that allow exploring new characters, new places, and new ideas every day. The app was given the new opportunity as the technology has given an immersing experience never like before. Explore the globe with Discovery VR and watch incredible things on the go.

6. WhatsApp

Talking about daily using social platform Whatsapp has officially released ReactJS for building user interface from Facebook. It uses some of the most efficient engines such as Velocity.Js and Underscore.js to give better results. Currently, Whatapp is using React to give a better experience to the users.

7. Myntra

Myntra is one of the leading Indian fashion e-commerce companies from where one can shop for clothing, home furnishing, footwear, and other accessories for men, women, and kids. The perfect look and feel to the finest user experience you get are with the help of the React.js mobile app. React Native has given a beautiful presentation of the profiles, catalogs, and order placement convenience to the user in a better way. React.js development services have offered an amazing UI and UX to all Android and iOS users.

8. Discord

You all must have a heart for the free voice and chat app, Discord, for gamers. The game enables chatting between the team, allows checking the availability, and catches up text conversations. Using React.js, 98% of the code on iOS and Android were shared, which is the best example of using cross-platform app development.

9. Airbnb

One of the best and most popular apps built using React Native is AirBnB. The research team of Airbnb said 60+ software engineers were working with React technology to develop and design the application. The development team uses React.js development services to reuse React code and can easily refactor it when necessary.

10. Khan Academy

Many differences were seen after Khan Academy implemented the React Library. Using this technology, the traditional backbone was updated and got better results. The team has defined this change as a worthy update, as it covered several important features including element changes and the elimination of unnecessary re-renders.


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