9 Things You Can Build With Reactjs

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9 Things You Can Build With Reactjs

Today, we’re going to highlight the top 10 things using Reactjs that you can start with tomorrow. Let’s get started!

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Do you ever feel the hardest part of building a web application is thinking of the app idea? If yes, you’re not alone. Coming up with outstanding ideas can consume a lot of time. Finding an idea that could solve the problem is crucial. That’s why we are here! We’ve spent some days researching possible React app ideas to help you build a successful web app. 

Today, we’re going to highlight the top 10 things using Reactjs that you can start with tomorrow.

Let’s get started!

Nine Things That You Can Build With Reactjs

1. Dashboards or Data Visualization Tools

Dashboard or data visualization tools are one of the top project ideas that can be built with Reactjs. Dashboards are essential to visualize the essence of data in a format that is easy and understandable for your end-user. The data can be visualized by applying different types of algorithms that cater to Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. 

The Internet is full of ready-made Reactjs dashboard templates, but they all are costly and not maintainable in the longer run. Therefore, it’s advisable to use some development tools like Ant.design or Airframe React to build a dashboard with Reactjs from scratch.  Reactjs offers you some dedicated features that help in building a dashboard app. Here are some of them:

  • Component Reusability: Reusable components can be used several times in an application. These components make your code more organized and modular. If the components of the dashboard are carefully considered and formed, they can be used anywhere without additional setup required. 
  • Virtual DOM: The screen of the dashboard or data-visualization requires continuous updates of components. This way, you can keep track of your data in real-time. Since the data needs to be displayed immediately, React’s virtual DOM ensures the fast re-rendering of components. In such conditions, React figures out an optimal way to update the UI. Therefore, it helps in building complex dashboards that require heavy data lifting. 
  • Isomorphic Javascript: React possesses isomorphic capabilities that speed up the development process. It also saves money and time. 

2. Messaging App

Instant messaging services like a Facebook messenger or WhatsApp are available on both mobile and web. The instant messaging app is the sweet-spot use case of React. Any messaging app generally consists of a conversation with two or more people where messages are sent in real-time. To build a web messaging app, Reactjs can be your first choice of preference since it acts as a WebSocket client. In simple terms, WebSocket helps to maintain two-way communication between the client and the server. 

3. Social Networks

Social networking apps are another use case of Reactjs. It’s always recommended to build a Social network as a Single page app since HTML templates do not go well with dynamic page updates, and a dynamic website is not feasible in the longer run. For instance, Facebook Initially started as a plain website and gradually moved to a single page app. 

Building a social networking app with React can give several benefits. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Rapid Development: React provides fast development, and this is what you need for your project’s needs. Unidirectional data binding lessens chaos around web development. This way, developers tend to spend more time adding new features than figuring out the app. That’s why several developers choose React+Redux for building social networking apps. 
  • Better User Experience: Your application would not be limited to extensive DOM manipulation. Therefore, your app would be more responsive, and your users can enjoy a seamless user experience.

5. eCommerce or Retail

An eCommerce or retail website consists of different APIs, complex filters, elements, etc. which should be highly independent of each other. Reactjs help developers to implement all these features by building separate components that are easy to scale. That said, let’s know about some features that make Reactjs a perfect fit for building an eCommerce website: 

  • Component reusability: One of the best benefits of using Reactjs is component reusability. It means a component once built by a developer can be reused several times without having to rewrite the code again and again within the app. In a nutshell, the reusability of code saves time and money because of relying on reusable components and not creating the new ones. It means that you can build a web app faster with less cost. 
  • State Management: Reactjs offers a convenient way to store an app state. For example, when a user filters through a list of items, the result is usually a change of state. State management offers benefits like enhanced performance, memory efficiency, and even speed of development.

6. Enterprise Web Apps

The component-driven architecture of React helps in solving the legacy stack problem in a great deal with faster adoption and implementation cycles. Developers find Reactjs more suitable for enterprise app development as an entire app can be neatly broken into smaller reusable UI elements. This is the reason why organizations such as Walmart and Airbnb involved Reactjs in their tech-stack. 

Aside from the reusability factor, building an enterprise web app with React gives the following benefits:

  • Development Speed: Reactjs embraces the benefit of reusable components that makes it easier for developers to build, maintain, and achieve a consistent look of the app. 
  • Stability: Reactjs has remained stable in the world of growing competition. In addition, Reactjs is backed by Facebook, and the chance of it becoming obsolete is quite low in the near future. 
  • Easy access to developers: Developers love using Reactjs, thanks to its easy learning curve. Despite the growing demand for this technology, it is easier to find a Reactjs developer. 

7. Cross-platform Mobile Apps (React Native)

Not even the web, but Reactjs also help developers build mobile apps with the help of the React Native framework.  When used as a programming language, Reactjs can be used to build cross-platform mobile apps with React Native. 

In fact, developers even find it easier to transport the web-version of their app to mobile with the help of React Native.

Although, developers will not be able to reuse the same code as they wrote for the web. But they'd be better off with the possibilities of using the same architecture and methodology for building the app for mobile.

React Native mobile app performs like a native app, i.e., iOS and Android. If Reactjs is already used in the web app, then it is much easier to upgrade the mobile version. So, you can hire Reactjs developers and still be able to create React Native mobile apps.

8. Single Page Application (SPA)

Reactjs can be used to build Single page applications.A React SPA works inside a browser and does not require page reloading from the user's side. The famous examples of SPAs are Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, or Github. Furthermore, when a user navigates on a SPA, he will keep interacting with the same page without interacting with an entirely new page. 

The best example of single-page navigation is the Trello app. Technically, such type of navigation can be implemented by a technique called routing. The good news is that React offers a library named as React-router that provides routing capabilities in SPAs. 

9. Personal or Professional Blogs (Gatsby)

Reactjs can be also used to build a personal or professional blogging website. In fact, it’s even easier to build a blog on Gatsby, a react-powered static site generator, as it makes your work easier with stylish templates. More than a modern front-end framework, Gatsby, weaves together the best parts of React, Webpack, React-Router, GraphQL, and other front-end tools. Gatsby has lots of plugins for several data sources that make it easy to integrate against data sources. Some examples of data source plugins are Wordpress, MongoDB, and Contentful. 

10. Productivity App

The productivity app is another web app example that can be built with Reactjs. When we speak of productivity apps, we’re referring to note-taking apps, apps for managing task lists and teams. Popular examples of productivity apps are Notion, Todoist, Things, etc.

When building a productivity app, it’s better to start small like building an editor such as text editor or markdown. Better still, you can always expand the web app and add more features. Another great way to build a productivity app is to ask your users if there’s something they wish for making their schedules easier.


Reactjs is a robust library for building projects that cater to small, medium, and even large-scale organizations. It is an excellent addition to the projects, which require component reusability, impressive user interactions, or animations. That’s why React can be an ideal choice for achieving long-term business goals.

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