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Announcing Java EE Microprofile

At DevNation this week, a new Java EE profile was announced to help Enterprise Java make greater strides in working with microservices architectures.

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The Java community has likely been the greatest factor in Java’s success and influence over the past 20+ years. This community has rallied and collaborated to improve the language and its capabilities through JSRs, libraries, APIs, frameworks, and more. Now Java EE has become “the dominant standard for companies building business-critical multi-tier enterprise applications.”

With that in mind, and with microservices architectures becoming ever more popular as monolithic applications hinder the advances of continuous delivery and integration, minimize performance, and lead to downtimes that are unacceptable for today’s technologies, there’s a new hurdle for the Java community to jump. Yesterday, the MicroProfile initiative was announced to inspire the community to overcome that hurdle together.

MicroProfile is a Java EE profile meant to “[optimize] Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture.” It was announced by, and is supported by, Payara, Tomitribe, Red Hat, IBM, and the London Java Community. The Microprofile announcement came yesterday at DevNation’s morning general session, where “Red Hat’s Mark Little was joined on-stage by Alasdair Nottingham from IBM, Theresa Nguyen from Tomitribe, Mike Croft from Payara and Martijn Verburg from the London Java Community.”

Microprofile.io has more information on the project, and is currently polling the Java community for more information on what they are looking for in a Microservices profile–currently the site is asking for feedback on which Java standards the community would want included in the profile and which microservices aspects are most important to the community. There’s more information at microprofile.io and at the links provided below.


“Enterprise Java has to evolve.” —Red Hat’s Mark Little

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