Application Performance Trends: eCommerce, Email Marketing, and Digital Certificates

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Application Performance Trends: eCommerce, Email Marketing, and Digital Certificates

Let's review these recent application performance trends, including ecommerce web performance, email marketing, and all you need to learn about digital certificates.

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We’re back with new trending topics on application performance. Have you seen our latest blog articles? Just in case you missed them  we have them all here for you. Yottaa wrote articles on eCommerce web performance and speed, email marketing, and digital certificates. Enjoy!

Recent Application Performance Trends

eCommerce Web Performance and Speed: Experts Share Common Mistakes (and How to Improve)

We reached out to a panel of experts and got their opinions on the most common web performance and speed mistakes they’ve seen. Mistakes included everything from making sure you have the right sized images to not having a reliable CDN. See what others had to say by reading the full article here.

How Your Email Marketing Could Crash Your Site This Holiday Season (and 5 Ways to Make Sure it Doesn't)

Email drives 15% of purchases on an average site, but what do you do when your email marketing crashes your site? We’ve made a list of 5 ways to make sure your site stays live especially during the holiday season. keep your site at performing to your standards even during peak times.Read the full article here.

Digital Certificates: What do I need to know?

Does your site have a digital certificate? If you’re trying to show a secure connection between the end user and the servers then yes. But, you probably still have some questions as to which one you should get, the cost, and all of the benefits check out the full article.

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