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Automatically Get Security Vulnerabilities Posted to Slack

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Automatically Get Security Vulnerabilities Posted to Slack

When you're tasked with keeping software secure, teamwork is paramount. Learn how you can use Slack to quickly respond to security threats and vulnerabilities.

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It's extremely important to always be aware of all the announcements related to security issues for the products you use and support within your company. If you use Slack, you can have all the security vulnerabilities related to a product/vendor posted directly to a Slack channel. In this article, I will go over how we can automatically get Docker security vulnerabilities posted to a Slack channel.


You can get a list of known security vulnerabilities using the www.cvedetails.com website. Known security vulnerabilities can be searched by the vendor, product, version, etc. The below RSS feed will provide you with all known security vulnerabilities for Docker: 


If you want to further filter down by a specific product or version you can simply add "product_id" and/or "version_id" to the query string. To find the product id or version id, www.cvedetails.com provides product search and version search capabilities. Once you have found the product through the search capability, you can simply copy the product id and/or version id from the address bar in your browser and include it in the query string for the above RSS feed URL.

From the above RSS feed URL, the vendor id "13534" is for Docker.

Create a channel named "Docker" in your Slack workspace where all security vulnerabilities related to Docker can be posted.

Copy the above RSS URL and issue the following command in the Docker channel in Slack.

/feed subscribe http://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-feed.php?vendor_id=13534&orderby=3&cvssscoremin=0

Before you subscribe to the RSS feed, verify that it's not already subscribed to by issuing the command below which will list out all the RSS feeds that have already been subscribed to: 

 /feed list


Once you receive an announcement, you should evaluate it and if you are affected by it patch or mitigate the risk, test it, and notify everyone.

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