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6 Best Books to Learn Cassandra

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6 Best Books to Learn Cassandra

Let's take a look at a list of six of the best books to help someone learn Cassandra. The list includes ''Mastering Apache Cassandra'' and ''Learning apache Cassandra.''

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Best Apache Cassandra Books

Here are some books that can be used to learn Apache Cassandra. These books will provide you with many noteworthy points about Cassandra.

Mastering Apache Cassandra

This book is written by Nishant Neeraj under the publications of Packt Publishing.

Apache Cassandra Books

This Mastering Apache Cassandra book is suitable for intermediate developers. That is, before starting the book, you need to be familiar with the basics of Apache Cassandra. This book guides you to become a master in Apache Cassandra for its application.

Cassandra: The Definitive Guide

This book written by Eben Hewitt is a complete guide to Apache Cassandra.

Apache Cassandra Books

It is published by O’Reilly Media Inc. It provides everything you need to know about Apache Cassandra. Starting from the development and history, all the way to the applications, it is a complete package. Furthermore, it is a hands-on guide with technical details and practical examples that will make you an expert in Cassandra.

Practical Cassandra: A Developer’s Approach

Practical Cassandra was published by Addison-Wesley Publications.

Apache Cassandra Books

It is a highly recommended book if you are a developer. This Cassandra book will provide you not only the basics but also the advanced features of Cassandra. Furthermore, Russell Bradberry and Eric Lubow, the authors, wrote the chapters in such a fashion that it is suitable for everyone. That is, Cassandra beginners, intermediate or advanced developers, can use this book and gain a lot more than they can expect. In addition to this, the book is highly up-to-date for an Apache Cassandra book reader.

Learning Apache Cassandra

This book is written by Mat Brown under the publications of Packt Publishing Ltd.

Cassandra Books

This book is for application developers who are familiar with SQL databases. With this Learning Apache Cassandra book, they can expand their horizon. Using this book, you can explore Apache Cassandra, distributed database. This book will guide you through Cassandra’s intuitive programming interface using step-by-step examples.

Apache Cassandra: Hands-on-Training

This book is written by Ruth Stryker, under Createspace Independent Publications, is an excellent starting point.

Cassandra Books

This book is best to learn basics and the fundamentals of Apache Cassandra. It provides hands-on training on Apache Cassandra with the help of various projects. Readers are recommended to be familiar with programming, SQL, and databases. This “Apache Cassandra: Hands-on Training” book is a self-paced training program in itself.

Beginning Apache Cassandra Development

Vivek Mishra is the author of this book.

Cassandra Books

He wrote this book for the people who wish to learn Apache Cassandra completely. Published under Apress Publications, this book covers everything including Cassandra Query Language(CQL), SQL, and Cassandra applications. This is an excellent book for not only understanding Apache Cassandra but also to know the power, use, and importance of Apache Cassandra.

Comparison of the Apache Cassandra Books

Table no. 1 Apache Cassandra books: Comparison

S. No Name Author Publications Price Publishing year Level
1 Mastering Apache Cassandra Nishant Neeraj Packt Publishing Ltd. 850 March 2015 Intermediate
2 Cassandra- The Definitive Guide Eben Hewitt O’Reilly Media Inc. 600 August 2016 Intermediate
3 Practical Cassandra- A Developer’s Guide Russell Bradbery, Eric Lubow Addison-Wesley Publications 350 December 2013 Beginners
4 Learning Apache Cassandra Mat Brown Packt Publishing Ltd. 680 February 2015 Intermediate
5 Apache Cassandra: Hands-on-training Ruth Stryker Createspace Independent Publications 3300 July 2014 Beginners
6 Beginning Apache Cassandra Development Vivek Mishra Apress Publications 3700 December 2014 Beginners


In this article, we have covered the best Apache Cassandra books for beginners as well as advanced learners. There are books like Mastering Apache Cassandra, which basically guides an intermediate developer. While Learning, "Apache Cassandra" and "Apache Cassandra: Hands-on Training" are the books that need the reader to be familiar with SQL databases.

Although, any book from this list can help you get up and moving with Cassandra. Thus, you can start with any of these Cassandra books. Also, we ensure that there should be at least one book here for everyone regardless of their experience level. Still, if you know any other Cassandra Books, feel free to share through the comment section.

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