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C# Reflection - Dealing With AmbiguousMatchException

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class Myambiguous {
    //The first overload is typed to an Int32
    public static void Mymethod (Int32 number){
       Console.Write("\n{0}", "I am from Int32 method");

    //The second overload is typed to a string
    public static void Mymethod (string alpha) {
       Console.Write("\n{0}", "I am from a string.");

    public static void Main() {
        try {
            //The following does not cause as exception
            Mymethod (2);  // goes to Mymethod (Int32)
            Mymethod ("3");   // goes to Mymethod (string)

            Type Mytype = Type.GetType("Myambiguous");

            MethodInfo Mymethodinfo32 = Mytype.GetMethod("Mymethod", new Type[]{typeof(Int32)});
            MethodInfo Mymethodinfostr = Mytype.GetMethod("Mymethod", new Type[]{typeof(System.String)});

            //Invoke a method, utilizing a Int32 integer
            Mymethodinfo32.Invoke(null, new Object[]{2});

            //Invoke the method utilizing a string
            Mymethodinfostr.Invoke(null, new Object[]{"1"});

            //The following line causes an ambiguious exception
            MethodInfo Mymethodinfo = Mytype.GetMethod("Mymethod");
        }  // end of try block

        catch(System.Reflection.AmbiguousMatchException theException) {
            Console.Write("\nAmbiguousMatchException message - {0}", theException.Message);
        catch {
            Console.Write("\nError thrown");

 //This code produces the following output:
 //I am from Int32 method
 //I am from a string.
 //I am from Int32 method
 //I am from a string.
 //AmbiguousMatchException message - Ambiguous match found.

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