Datadog Adds Real-Time Security Monitoring With Immunio

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Datadog Adds Real-Time Security Monitoring With Immunio

Add real-time security intelligence to the other operational data Datadog provides about your cloud environment and applications.

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We at IMMUNIO are longtime fans of Datadog. We’ve used it internally from the start to view our performance metrics and alerts in unified, interactive dashboards. Through its extensive list of integrations, Datadog aggregates critical data and events across the devops stack, making it easier to track and manage the information you need to keep your apps running smoothly.

By adding IMMUNIO to your Datadog integrations, you add real-time security intelligence to the other operational data Datadog provides about your cloud environment and applications, letting you know instantly when your applications are under attack and significantly reducing your response time.

We’ve just announced the availability of IMMUNIO’s new integration with Datadog. We and Datadog recently hosted a joint webinar explaining how you can gain access to IMMUNIO’s critical, real-time metrics and alerts on web app security, right from within the Datadog dashboards. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights:

Datadog is a hosted, infrastructure app monitoring platform that processes a trillion data-points per day. The platform pulls in events and metrics from users’ own apps using its client libraries, generates and uploads JSON-formatted dashboards, and provides a RESTful HTTP API for full data access.

The data provided by your IMMUNIO integration with Datadog will help you gain a clearer sense of what's normal for your system and your apps—so you can quickly identify abnormal activity, determine whether it's malicious, and take immediate action. For example, with IMMUNIO you can:

  • Correlate CPU usage spikes with a brute force login attack
  • Diagnose database query latency by matching to a blind SQL Injection attack
  • Use IMMUNIO to stop bots by automatically serving CAPTCHAs, and set a Datadog alert based on number of CAPTCHAs served

Armed with this information, you can develop and act on customized alerts on the specific metrics that are leading indicators for the issues your customers care most about. The data you’ll gain through the IMMUNIO integration with Datadog allows you to differentiate between attacks on your site, such as Account Takeover attacks, and periods of higher-than-normal traffic.

To get all the details on the integration and to see a full demo illustrating how you can use IMMUNIO within Datadog to analyze and stop an Account Takeover attack, check out the full IMMUNIO/Datadog webinar.

If you’re an existing Datadog user and you like what you see, now’s the time to sign up: we’re offering Datadog users a three-month free trial of IMMUNIO for their first application if you sign up by Aug. 30.

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