Five Best SOA and Microservice Courses for Programmers

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Five Best SOA and Microservice Courses for Programmers

Time to go back to school!

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Time to prepare for your microservices course!

Time to prepare for your microservices course!

If you want, you can directly jump on the Service Oriented Architecture course on Coursera it's a good one but if you need more choices, here are some of the other useful SOA courses for programmers.

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1. Microservices Architecture

This online course will teach you how to transform your monolith into organized, maintainable, and scalable services, leveraging the microservices architecture. It's created by Packt publication, and it's packed with some of the most up-to-date information on Microservice architecture and SOA, including Serverless architecture which is taking the software architecture by storm. The course is packed with 4.5 hours of content and also provides a certificate of completion.

Top 5 Courses to Learn SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Microservices - Best Of Lot

2. Service-Oriented Architecture

This is my favorite and probably the best course to learn Service Oriented Architecture online. As I told you before its based on an understanding of architectural styles and you will review architectures for web applications before exploring the basics of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in two approaches: Web Services (WS*) and Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture.

The course is also part of Software Design and Architecture Specialization, which is a recommended resource for Java developer aspiring to become a software architect.

The specialization also includes a Capstone Project in which you will connect a Java-based Android application with Elasticsearch, a web service with a REST application programmer interface (API).

5 courses to learn Service Oriented Architecture

3. Real-World SOA: Analysis and Design

This is a two-part course by Mohamad Halabi on Pluralsight which is seriously suitable for anyone who wants to understand correct SOA. These two courses take a practical approach to teach you what SOA truly is, what problem it is intended to solve when it is a fit for an organization, and how to implement it correctly.

4. Real-World SOA: Design and Implementation

This course is a continuation of the course 'Real World SOA: Analysis and Design,' or In that course, you studied SOA analysis and overall design, here you will get more detailed about implementation.

5. Evolution of Microservices

This is a free online course from Udemy which compares Monolith Architecture vs. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) vs. Microservices, and that's why I have included in this list.

It's a small course, but very good in understand the pros and cons of both SOA and Microservice architecture. It will help you to answers common questions about SOA and Microservice like by the end of the course, you will have a fair amount of idea on

What is wrong with Monolith looks like? How the industry arrived at SOA? What are the issues with SOA? Why Microservices? Advantages of Microservices and Design considerations need to be made while adopting Microservices.

best courses to learn Microservice

That's all about some of the best online training courses to learn SOA or Service Oriented Architecture. Once you have background knowledge of SOA fundamentals, you can always join classes to learn more about Web Service or REST Architecture, two of SOA's real-world implementation.

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