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Get All Classes Within A Package

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Get All Classes Within A Package

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The code below gets all classes within a given package. Notice that it should only work for classes found locally, getting really ALL classes is impossible.

     * Scans all classes accessible from the context class loader which belong to the given package and subpackages.
     * @param packageName The base package
     * @return The classes
     * @throws ClassNotFoundException
     * @throws IOException
    private static Class[] getClasses(String packageName)
            throws ClassNotFoundException, IOException {
        ClassLoader classLoader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
        assert classLoader != null;
        String path = packageName.replace('.', '/');
        Enumeration resources = classLoader.getResources(path);
        List dirs = new ArrayList();
        while (resources.hasMoreElements()) {
            URL resource = resources.nextElement();
            dirs.add(new File(resource.getFile()));
        ArrayList classes = new ArrayList();
        for (File directory : dirs) {
            classes.addAll(findClasses(directory, packageName));
        return classes.toArray(new Class[classes.size()]);

     * Recursive method used to find all classes in a given directory and subdirs.
     * @param directory   The base directory
     * @param packageName The package name for classes found inside the base directory
     * @return The classes
     * @throws ClassNotFoundException
    private static List findClasses(File directory, String packageName) throws ClassNotFoundException {
        List classes = new ArrayList();
        if (!directory.exists()) {
            return classes;
        File[] files = directory.listFiles();
        for (File file : files) {
            if (file.isDirectory()) {
                assert !file.getName().contains(".");
                classes.addAll(findClasses(file, packageName + "." + file.getName()));
            } else if (file.getName().endsWith(".class")) {
                classes.add(Class.forName(packageName + '.' + file.getName().substring(0, file.getName().length() - 6)));
        return classes;

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