How Much Does it Cost to Maintain An App?

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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain An App?

Invested in app development?. Now, invest in app maintenance. Don't let any user uninstall your app due to technical or non-technical issues that can be solved.

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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain An App?

Want your app to last long?

Monitor and Maintain it for 24*7*365.

Launching an app and deploying it on all app market places with the help of a mobile app development company won’t guarantee success for any app. But proper maintenance does.

The app is successful if it is well-designed, well-developed, and WELL- MAINTAINED.

First of all, let us dive deep to understand the importance of app maintenance.

Is App Maintenance Mandatory?

"If you maintain quality for your app, quantity automatically follows."

Ongoing maintenance is like fuel to the app. The more you instill fuel, the more you can go forward. Otherwise, your app will be a failure.

  • It is estimated that 50% of uninstalls happen due to the lack of app maintenance.
  • It improves the in-app experience.
  • User retention rate is another parameter where app owners need to consider because the app’s success doesn't depend on the number of downloads but the number of active users and user retention rate which comes from proper app maintenance.
  • It develops relationships with users thus improve user retention and customer loyalty. 
  • It improves brand credibility
  • It yields high ROI in the long run. 

What To Be Monitored and Maintained in an App?

Here is the breakdown of various factors that determine the cost of maintenance.

  • Fixing bugs: You need to address the bugs and issues frequently if any. Otherwise, users will uninstall your app resulting in more bounce rate and less conversion rate.
  • Managing push notifications: Based on your business type, you may offer discounts and offers for festive seasons or discounts for the products that are in users’ wishlist, or you want to make new announcements, etc. For managing all these notifications, you need support that costs.
  • User Interface (UI): The user interface is the index of your business. Make sure your app looks simple yet modern and it has an updated design. As we have seen in the rise of mobile devices in the market with different screen sizes, it is mandatory for you as an app owner to keep up with the latest mobile devices. And you need to change the interface that supports all devices irrespective of the screen size seamlessly. If you don’t focus on these elements, some features may be obscured for some devices that lead to app failure. Also, you may get new ideas for your mobile app that you can implement from time to time.
  • User Experience (UX): Both UI and UX go hand-in-hand. It determines how users experience your app and its functionalities. Be responsive to feedback such as what features they liked and didn’t like. Work on addressing as soon as you get them. It will improve the UX.
  • Updating Content: Every app includes banners, images, videos, etc. that need to be updated frequently. The more fresh content you give, the more engagement and user retention rate you will gain.
  • Advanced analytical tool: It lets you make work on the right things as it reveals your apps’ highlights and flip side. You can track the performance (number of installations, bounce rate, conversion rate, active users, etc.) of your app using Google analytics. However, with the advanced tool, you can get more advanced insights into your business.
  • The update features: It is estimated that almost 40% of features are not used by any and some features are used by a few. It is best to remove them so that your app will have less complexity and more user engagement. You can add new features and remove unnecessary features.  
  • Infrastructure maintenance: Your apps database is crucial and needs to be maintained. If you chose cloud-based hosting such as AWS and Microsoft Azure you will be charged less. Because cloud services have less set up means less maintenance and allow you to pay what you have used for.
  • Third-party integration updates: All your third-party integrations such as payment gateways, accounting systems, and social media must be updated.
  • Software libraries: Update software libraries (routines, codes, and configurations) regularly for seamless app experience.
  • Updating technological enhancements: Keep abreast of the latest programming languages, new platforms, technology, etc. makes the app more robust.
  • API maintenance: The functionalities related to security and modifications depend on APIs. So, it is imperative to maintain it regularly.  
  • Dedicated tech support: You need a dedicated person or agency for mobile app maintenance. Because they will be upbeat with all the latest technologies, programming languages, trends, etc. It gives a positive brand image.
  • Manage App Security: Beware of security loopholes and cyber threats. Ensure you manage all latest security protocols, privacy updates including integrations and GDPR changes.
  • Avail app store optimization services: Hire digital marketers who optimize your app with an effective marketing strategy tailored to your app’s requirements.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

The cost depends on all the factors mentioned above. The app developers or the company you hire will charge for each of the aforementioned factors. 

The cost for developing an app will be between $10,000 and $1,000,000 based on the complexity in features, type of app, and the number of platforms (iOS and Android) on which it was designed. 

The cost for maintaining an app may vary from app to app and the average cost would be 20% of the total cost of your app development.

  • The average monthly maintenance cost would be between $250 and $500.
  • Push notifications may cost   $10.
  • Third-party apps may cost up to   $150
  • If your app has 1 bug and requires fixing of a single line of code, then you may be charged $50. On the other hand, some of the bugs need weeks to fix and you may be charged more (up to $1,000).
  • Server maintenance may cost  $20 to $60. 
  • Some apps like e-commerce apps have complex features. The complexity of features, the number of platforms, and the other elements mentioned above decide the exact cost for the app maintenance. 
  • For ASO services, the cost would start from $100

Tips To Minimize Mobile App Maintenance Costs:

  • Invest in the right platform either native or hybrid app development.
  • Include useful and relevant features. Otherwise, the feature complexity increases the app development cost and maintenance as well.
  • Hire experienced developers for native or hybrid app development in the first phase. 
  • Bear in mind that, it doesn't mean you modify a lot of things. It may give a negative impact on the users. Make changes aptly and gradually.
  • Make all necessary modifications before the time of new OS releases so that you can save efforts and money. 
  • If you developed a native app, the cost may be reduced. 
  • Make sure your app is compatible with the latest OS releases and smartphone devices.
  • Update new features and enhancements at least once in a year. 
  • Manage downtime on time.
  • The maintenance cost for the first year will be more but it will be reduced for the next years.

You Can’t Do It All Alone!

Hire a dedicated mobile app development company like Tvisha technologies that has around 2 decades of experience in developing top-notch mobile apps on various platforms and providing unparalleled app maintenance services. 

Wrapping It Up

Invested in app development?. Now, invest in app maintenance. Don't let any user uninstall your app due to technical or non-technical issues that can be solved by seamless support and maintenance.

Reach android app developers, iOS app developers, and quality analysts and discuss in which areas you need maintenance and the cost associate with them. Accordingly, plan a budget for it to improve the performance of the app. Focus on your core business happily and reap double ROI.

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