How SAP Is Building the Cloud Platform of the Future

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How SAP Is Building the Cloud Platform of the Future

SAP, the cloud platform of the future, makes it easier for legacy enterprises to make the digital transformation and the jump to cloud.

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Great to be able to hear Marc Geall, SVP GM HCP Partner Innovation, SAP and Michael Wintergerst, Development Executive, Software Development at SAP SE provide the use case of how SAP is building the cloud platform of the future at Dynatrace Perform 2018.

SAP currently has 350,000 clients going through a digital transformation on the SAP Cloud Platform. Innovation has evolved from technology thinking (2007), to services thinking (2017), and is on to platform thinking (2020).

SAP is helping customers rethink business, and rethink business processes across entire enterprises. Their platform strategy is the foundation for success.

In 1917, successful businesses were involved in manufacturing and production. By 1967, they were conglomerates. Today, we have platform businesses that are disrupting legacy business models.

75% of global transactions touch SAP; this gives the company access to business data to integrate back into the SAP environment to help clients set the foundation for:

  • How to steer your company
  • How to run your company
  • How to engage
  • How to sense
  • How to decide
  • How to win by managing at the edge and providing a single version of truth to drive real business value into platform or at the edge.

Shoe manufacturing company Risch in Switzerland is manufacturing the "personal shoe of one" by scanning customer data and accessing delivery capabilities using the SAP Cloud Platform.

Shell Aviation has undergone a digital transformation, moving from paper-based processes and employee reluctancy to change how they track and refuel aircraft, to today having drivers have iPads with mobile apps deployed to grounds crews. This has increased operational efficiency and driven new business value on several fronts.

Merck Pharmaceutical is in a heavily regulated industry. Nonetheless, they were determined to innovate and deliver value with suppliers and to customers. They are currently deploying one new app per month to their workforce to improve productivity while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

With more than 40 years of experience in 45 industries, SAP is uniquely qualified to help businesses make the digital transformation with openness, trust, and best practices.

They are intelligently connecting people, things, and business via the SAP Cloud Platform which includes:

  • Enterprise PaaS offering
  • Business services – commerce, localization/tax, data quality
  • Platform services – security, integration, mobile, UX, collaboration, analytics, ML, IoT
  • Runtimes – Java, XSJS, HTML5, Node.js, Python, Community buildpacks, BYOL
  • Data storage services – SAP HANA, SAP ASE, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Big Data Services, SAP Data Hub
  • Kubernetes2, CloudFoundry – works in any cloud

SAP Cloud Platform landscapes offer:

  • Dedicated developer environments
  • Test validation
  • SAP Internal Production
  • Load tests
  • External production
  • Full validation every 2 weeks
  • 99.9% SLAs

With Dynatrace, SAP is able to provide:

  • Cloud-scale technology, built for scale
  • Dedicated installations, full control for SAP staff
  • Build to monitor cloud-native technologies
  • API first development
  • AIOps – automated root-cause analysis
  • Market leader and support for new innovative technologies

To date, SAP has 315 teams, 1430+ users, 7565+ applications with Dynatrace agents. Prior to partnering with Dynatrace SAP had 60,000 virtual machines running took days to find the root cause of a problem where viral scanners were updating every night. With Dynatrace it only took a half hour to get to root cause.

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