How to Learn MuleSoft: An Exciting and Viable Career Option on the Brink of Digital Evolution

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How to Learn MuleSoft: An Exciting and Viable Career Option on the Brink of Digital Evolution

In this article, take a look at how you can learn MuleSoft, and see why it is an exciting and viable career option.

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Nature has a way of forcing evolution, requiring one field after the next to transform in an attempt to stay competitive and viable. As mankind branches out further into the depths of complicated technological processes, so do the tools that help reach new heights; and at the forefront is technology. Businesses around the world are starting to follow their breathing counterparts, transforming into seemingly solo-functioning entities where little to no human interference is required.

Thanks to MuleSoft, businesses have more freedom and creativity in their hands than ever before, using the application building platform to increase client connection and overall productivity. No longer is there a need for separate clouds and bulky connectors to create the perfect workflow. MuleSoft essentially blurs the lines and borders traditionally set by separate systems allowing them to communicate seamlessly in a matter of seconds.

With the 2018 acquisition of Salesforce, the leader of CRM, the career field is more vital than ever before, creating demand for an all-new type of developer. Working side by side with businesses, developers with MuleSoft knowledge can create an architectural playground for information, allowing it to mingle and play among cross-systematic integrations in the blink of an eye. This is an attractive position for many reasons, but is not just for your run-of-the-mill developer.

Those with a heightened sense of creativity, who can think outside the box and are up for a challenge, will be at the top of the list, scooped up by the world’s largest corporations. If that sounds like something you’re interested in or can’t wait to be involved in, we’ve lined out some suggestions to sort of "break the ice" on the topic. These will not only help you to see its advantages but, also give you insight into how and where you can start.

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The Fundamentals of Starting a Career in MuleSoft

While there are more technical formations that should be met before beginning a career in MuleSoft, in my opinion, the ground layer, which lies beneath the foundation and is absolutely fundamental to begin, is an innovative mind. Why, you may ask? Well, this is because at the top of the agenda for most companies, beginning the process of digital transformation is a unique solution; one that is perfectly tailored to their skeletal structures as a modern and highly-functional business. A workflow is like a company’s fingerprint, each one with a different and distinct set of designs than the other. This is why no two integration flows are the same, a feature that MuleSoft boasts about with pride.

As far as technique, that is the easy part, with training scattered all around the web to jumpstart your knowledge as a developer. MuleSoft is Java-based, a language that is quite common among developers both seasoned and new, therefore, a good grasp on the language along with some type of formal training in the field of computer science is recommended. Not to say that you can’t start as an absolute newcomer but, be forewarned that you will have your work cut out for you and will surely have some strong competition.

An innovative approach and a forever curious, knowledge-seeking mind can work wonders for your formative years. Companies are looking for developers and architects that can see outside the four walls of conventional solutions, always on the hunt for a better, faster and more efficient ways to enhance data flow. A clear and open-minded approach to company needs is, therefore, at the center of the entire process, demanding developers to dig deep within and channel the inner-artist; one that can’t wait to make their mark upon a blank slate.

Trailhead: Comprehensive Training at Your Fingertips

At the top of MuleSoft’s agenda is the success of every learner. They ensure that by creating easy-to-use study materials and archives that are accessible to enthusiasts of all levels. The largest and most informative gatherings made possible by the software team can be found on Trailhead; your new, most frequently-visited site. There is never an excuse to miss out on the newest info with Trailhead at your fingertips. Broken down into smaller fragments, these easy to follow expert instructor-led explanations and literature are here to either brush up or add to your tool belt. There is always something new to learn or some type of skill that can be sharpened as the content is added regularly; and quite often might I add. The mix is broken down between 3 main areas:

  • Tech skills

  • Business skills

  • Soft skills

Each of these is broken down further by specific content, all of which can be applied directly to your current set of skills making you stand out in the crowd. A point system is set, where higher knowledge brings resume-worthy credentials that instantly bump your level, and along with it, your salary! No matter if you’re on the outside selling the powers of the technology or working on the most inner skeletal structures found in the Anypoint platform, you’ll find information here.

Other Sources of Information

Though Trailhead is great for gaining and refreshing in-demand skills, there are a few things you might not come across on site. For a more traditional training, the MuleSoft training site offers a self-paced all-inclusive course that outlines all of the fundamentals that can be used to build on as your knowledge expands. The courses are set with plenty of hands-on opportunities with the software’s staple Anypoint Platform including building applications and synchronizing data.

For those with the fundamentals down that are just needing a quick refresher, a swift search on your favorite browser can reveal tutorials of all sorts depending on your preferred method of learning. One such site that offers detailed explanations and pictures for everything MuleSoft from A-Z is Tutorials A to Z. Here, a quick A- Z search bar is accessible, and it comes combined with photo explanations. Scroll through and learn by following comprehensive written instructions emphasized by visual photo examples.

With these two backings you there is little to no task that cannot be done when it comes to building architectural schemes for companies across the board. As we mentioned before, MuleSoft is a continuous learning path and one that should be exciting for all branches and all levels of the MuleSoft crew. The world of data is constantly changing; evolving and enhancing step by step to places that may have not been imagined. Newer and more efficient ways to do things are discovered every day, which in turn opens up doors for the next big thing along its path.

Tips for Studying Your Certification

Surely, all the buzz has caught your attention, and you’re thinking of all the possibilities at hand by starting a career in MuleSoft. The first thing you’ll need is to start constructing a strong foundation. MuleSoft is Java-based, so if you’re unfamiliar with the language, perhaps a crash course in that will get you on the right track. After that, the rest is a self-paced journey, one that is quite doable with the right mindset and attitude. We know you can do it and decided to leave you with a few study tips to help you glide through your certification course.

1. Do All the Self-Study Training

This should go without saying, but there are a few bad apples out there that briefly skim over parts just to get the main idea and attempt to head straight for the exam. Every module is packed full of highly useful information, most of which you’ll be using throughout your career. Pay close attention, focus, and absorb all the information, making that foundation unbreakable and your skillset unmatchable.

2. Take Advantage of All Material

As we mentioned above, MuleSoft has learner success at the core of their training. Archives full of information are all at your fingertips and scattered across the web. There are two types of training 1) Instructor-led and 2) Self-Study, both of which come with their own set of advantages.

3. Try all DIY

All of the added practices throughout the course are there for YOUR benefit; use them! The more problems you’ve solved and the solutions you’ve been exposed to, the more confident and ready you can be for a company that is ready to take you on board. Don’t be lazy, and don’t skip them!

4. Stay on Track

It is best to set a schedule and a clear objective. When your schedule is set, stick to it and try hard not to venture far off.

A Few Final Words

Being at the forefront of one of the newest and most exciting careers comes with a lot of responsibility. A career of this type is one of continued learning, one that will keep the wheels in your brain constantly turning. Now is a better time than ever to begin, as the future is very bright for both the software and the knowledgeable developers that use its power to company advantage.

The age of digital transformation is upon us, and it is here to stay and is only expected to evolve. Daily, new and improved methods along with newly invented intelligent technologies hit the market, adding to the digital playground. Survive along with the fittest by investing in a future career in MuleSoft.

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