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Include With Where Clause

In this article, take a look at a tutorial that explains how to write a certain query in Entity Framework.

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Ever thought about writing the following query in Entity Framework?


In the above query, {{startdate}} and {{enddate}} are the parameters. This query will list all of the employees, but only the attendance that are between startdate and enddate. 

While working on a project, it seems very hard to do this using the standard EF Core library, so I found an online solution available I thought worth sharing.

A library has a lot of useful functionalities, including the one we are trying to solve, that can be downloaded from https://entityframework-plus.net/download.

While using that library's extension method IncludeFilter, the above query can be written in EF Core as follows:


StartDate and EndDate are the parameters that can be replaced by the parameter in your solutions.

Thanks for reading. Happy coding!

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