Installing RavenDB 4.0 on Your Raspberry Pi 3

Here's a quick guide to get the NoSQL database RavenDB up and running on your Raspberry Pi — a possible data solution for your IoT projects.

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So, you want to install RavenDB on your Pi. Otherwise, why would you be here? So, let's dive in. The easiest way to do it is to go to the RavenDB Raspberry Pi page and download the image. After downloading, you’ll have:


The next step is to extract the file, giving us the disk image.


Next, we need to copy it to an SD card. The image requires an SD card that is 8GB or higher. I like to use Rufus for that.


This may take some time to run, but once this is done, you can put the SD into the Raspberry Pi and plug it into the power and network. The PI will boot and start RavenDB automatically. You can check your router to see what IP it got. On my end, we have, so we can visit


Or you can log into the box using SSH (username: ravendb password: ravnedb)


That's it, your RavenDB server is ready to rock!

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