JMeter Tutorials: Test Better, Build Better

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JMeter Tutorials: Test Better, Build Better

We take a look at load testing with JMeter, how to use JMeter to test your APIs (REST or otherwise), and more advanced JMeter turorials.

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Developers and testers love using JMeter for performance testing. In this post, we go over the best JMeter tutorials that DZone has to offer. We take a look at load testing with JMeter, how to use JMeter to test your APIs (REST or otherwise), and more advanced JMeter turorials.  

JMeter Tutorials for Beginners

JMeter Tutorials for Beginners
Being Your Journey With These JMeter Tutorials for Beginners
  1. JMeter Tutorial for Beginners by Sayantini Deb. Learn more about performance testing and why JMeter is the perfect load testing tool for measuring the performance of your apps.

  2. Getting Started With Apache JMeter Refcard by Dmitri Tikhanski. A pragmatic introduction to the open-source, wildly popular, easily extensible load testing framework. Learn how to build a test plan, follow a typical testing workflow, and interpret results.

  3. Selenium vs. JMeter: Which to Choose and When by Vincenzo Marrazzo. Learn about the Apache JMeter tool and the Selenium framework for performance testing, their advantages, and how the two work together in test automation.

JMeter Tutorials for Load Testing

JMeter Load Testing
Find Out How Much Your App Can Carry With JMeter Load Testing
  1. Using Command Line Parameters in JMeter for Load Testing by Canberk Akduygu. Learn how to create performance or load test scripts using the command line mode in JMeter to avoid re-uploading your scripts each time code is changed.

  2. Database Load Testing With JMeter by Canberk Akduygu. In this tutorial, learn how to run load testing on your database using the Apache JMeter tool to ensure its performance under higher load.

  3. How to Load Test TCP Protocol Services With JMeter by Konstantine Firsanov. Learn how to easily test a simple TCP server that works in the echo mode (in other words, the server responds with the same data that has been sent to it).

  4. How to Run a Stress Test in JMeter by Tibor Dudjik. Stress testing tests the expected number of users, tests the system’s behavior under intense loads and examines how it recovers when going back to normal usage.

  5. Overview of Performance and Load Testing With Apache JMeter by Daryna Tkachenko. Learn about the various types of performance and load testing for software and how to run them with Apache JMeter, a popular open-source tool.

  6. Load Testing Video Streaming With JMeter: Learn How by Roman Aladev. Learn how to load test video streaming in your applications for optimum streaming performance using Apache JMeter in this performance testing tutorial.

  7. How to Build a Distributed Load Testing Infrastructure With AWS, Docker, and JMeter by Dragos Campean. A tutorial on how to build a distributed load testing infrastructure with AWS, Docker, and JMeter; including pictures and coding.

  8. Apache Kafka Load Testing Using JMeter by Rinu Gour. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how you can use the Apache Kafka program for load testing using JMeter, which makes the testing process much easier.

  9. How to Test SOAP Services With JMeter by Canberk Akduygu. Learn how to run performance and load testing on services using the SOAP protocol with the Apache JMeter testing platform in this detailed tutorial.

  10. 3 Ways to Generate Random Variables in JMeter by Leticia Almeida. In this tutorial, learn how to generate random numbers in JMeter, for performance and load testing cases when you need random numbers for a URL or other case.

JMeter Tutorials: JMeter for APIs

JMeter Tutorials
JMeter Tutorials on Testing APIs
  1. How to Test REST APIs With Windows Authentication With JMeter by Artyom Avetisyan. An integration engineer discusses how to perform testing on a REST API that has authentication protocols in place using the open source JMeter testing tool.

  2. API Performance Testing Scenarios and Vocabulary by Lukas Rosenstock. Learn about the terminology, essential concepts, and scenarios for API performance, functional, and load testing, including testing tools and strategies.

  3. Load Testing Published APIs With JMeter by Dmitry Sotnikov. Learn how you can use Apache JMeter to load-test your APIs in WSO2 API Cloud and see these limits enforced.

  4. How to Retrieve Database Data for API Testing With JMeter by Sergey Horban. Learn how to run your API tests more quickly by retrieving data from the database to your local machine.

  5. The Easiest Way to Compare REST API Responses Using JMeter by Dragos Campean. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to use JMeter to set up automated comparison of JSON data from REST API endpoints in performance application monitoring.

JMeter Tutorials for Expert JMeter Users

JMeter Tutorials
Ready to Go for Your Perforamnce Black Belt? Achieve Mastery With These JMeter Tutorials
  1. BeanShell Processor in JMeter by Canberk Akduygu. Learn how you can use the BeanShell Processor's vars variable as a precondition, postcondition, or sampler in your JMeter load testing.

  2. Using Regular Expressions Extractor in JMeter by Manojkumar Tenali. In this tutorial, learn what the regular expression extractor is for, and how to use it with JMeter to capture dynamic values, and about practical exposure.

  3. JMeter Throughput Example by Rajeev Hathi. This performance testing tutorial explores a throughput example in Apache JMeter to see how it can be used as a performance indicator in test execution.

  4. Using JMeter's Throughput Shaping Timer Plugin by George Maksimenko. Learn how to install and use JMeter's Throughput Shaping Timer plugin to load test the RPS more efficiently in this load and performance testing tutorial.

  5. How to Save Response Data in JMeter by George Maksimenko. A performance engineer shows us how to use the open source JMeter tool to save response data collected from performance tests, and how to easily view them.

  6. How to Work With CSV Files in JMeter by Can Ho. Learn how to effectively work with CSV files, their configuration, iteration, and data structure in JMeter when running performance testing on applications.

  7. Gatling vs. JMeter by Federico Toledo. A developer discusses an experiment where he and his team benchmark Gatling and JMeter, going over the performance of each.

  8. JMeter Random Variable Example by Rajeev Hathi. Learn all about configuring a Random Variable using Apache JMeter in this great tutorial. We'll also look at the concept of Random Variables.

  9. How to Configure JMeter Logging by George Maksimenko. Learn about setting up JMeter's logging facilities, for when you need to check JMeter's logs when it comes to debugging performance issues you may have.

  10. How to Use the Parallel Controller in JMeter by Roman Aladev. Take a look at an analysis of the JMeter Parallel Controller, an open source extension useful for running parallel actions within a testing site's application.

  11. The JMeter HTTP Raw Request Sampler — When and How to Use It by Konstantin Tonkov. Learn how to use the HTTP Raw Request sampler plugin for JMeter to construct a customized HTTP request in this tutorial, such as a multi-part PUT request.

  12. How to Use the JSON Plugin in JMeter by George Maksimenko. Learn to use the JSON plugin for JMeter for performance/load testing functions like its JSON to XML Convertersampler and JSON Path Extractor in this tutorial.

  13. How to Use Counter in JMeter by Maharshi Shah. Counter is a JMeter element which can prove immensely useful for tester - learn how to use JMeter Counter in performance test scripts.

  14. Implement Custom JMeter Samplers by Emmanouil Gkatziouras. Apache JMeter is an awesome tool, offering great load-testing capabilities - learn how to implement custom JMeter samplers.

  15. Fill Forms and Submit With JMeter - Made Easy by Anastasia Golovkova. A discussion of how to create tests for web applications that require interactions with forms, in as little as five minutes using a freely available tool.

  16. How to Send JMeter Requests From Different IPs by Anasatasia Golovkova. Read here for instructions on how to create and simulate multiple IP addresses manually and through a built-in function in JMeter to load test your program.

  17. MongoDB Performance Testing With JMeter by Konstantin Tonkov. Performance testing your database is an important task during the development process - learn more about MongoDB, and building a load testing script for it.

  18. How to Load Test Async Requests With JMeter by Roman Aladev. Async testing is a great way to test your programs without disrupting access. Here are some solutions to four main problems encountered when async testing.

  19. JMeter vs. Locust: What to Use When by Yuri Bushnev. This article compares and contrasts Apache JMeter and Locust, two of the most well-known and popular performance testing tools, and their capabilities.

  20. How to Use the While Controller in JMeter by Dmitri Tikhanski. How to use the While Controller in Apache JMeter, a tool that implements the 'while loop' for repeated if-then statements.

  21. JMeter + Elasticsearch Live Monitoring by Anthony Gauthier. Learn how to get started with this Elastic Stack plugin for JMeter to asynchronously send sample results to an ElasticSearch engine for performance monitoring.

  22. Send JMeter Test Reports by Email Automatically by Shashikant Mourya. This tutorial will show you how to use a plugin to receive automatic test email reports when using the open-source JMeter tool for performance and load testing.

  23. How to Handle Correlation in JMeter by Vincenzo Marrazzo. A performance engineer discusses how to use Apache JMeter to handle the concept of correlation, what correlation is, and how the process can be automated.

  24. JMeter Parameterization: The Complete Guide by Yuri Bushnev. Learn how to parameterize you JMeter scripts from either an external CSV file or a database here to create different credential requirements for unique users.

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