js13kGames Competition Kicks Off on Aug 13, 2015

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js13kGames Competition Kicks Off on Aug 13, 2015

Calling all HTML5 game developers! The 2015 js13kGames competition is set to kick off, Think you can make an awesome HTML5 game in just 13kb? Test your mettle here.

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The 2015 js13kGames competition is almost live! A neat concept, js13kGames challenges HTML5 game developers to create a video game, but there's a catch: The file size is limited to a meager 13 kilobytes. It's a fun competition, and especially unique considering almost every current game requires an insanely large initial hard drive install (seriously, I have a game disc, why am I being asked to wait while 30 gigabytes of files download?). 

Festivities kick off on Aug. 13, 2015 at 13:00:00 CEST. There is a theme, to be announced the day of the competition. js13kGames is hosted by HTML5 game developer and Enclave Games founder Andrezj Mazur. Sponsors include Spartez, Famobi, Mozilla, and JScrambler. Mazur will also judge the competition, along with One Game A Month ogranizer Christer Kaitila, Mozilla Technical Evangelist Jason Weathersby, Playcanvas CEO Will Eastcott, JScrambler co-founder Pedro Fortuna, Famobi CEO and founder Ilker Aydin, Tutsy founder Ewa Mazur, Clay.io CEO Austin Hallock, and The Few developer Robert Podgorski. 

Check out the official website for more details, and tune in tomorrow to learn about the 2015 theme. There are some pretty sweet prizes, including Firefox OS Flames, JScrambler liscense, and a Blossom.io Enterprise account. Follow js13kGames on Twitter, and like their Facebook page for updates. For a quick teaser, take a look at the promo game Triskaidekaphobia. Go ahead, open it in that Incognito Mode tab and waste the rest of your work day...

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