July in Web Dev: Approximations, Frameworks, and Callback Hell

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July in Web Dev: Approximations, Frameworks, and Callback Hell

In this post, we go over the best article of June from DZone's Web Dev Zone, showcase a couple of great jobs, and link to some of our great web dev publications.

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Learn to Be the Best Dev on the Web: 

Three Approximations You Should Never Use When Coding: The authors take a look at some Computer Science concepts such as TLA + semantics and SAM patterns using JavaScript. 

JMiddleWay for Web Applications: We take a look at an open source Java framework that can be used to set up an API to assist you in your web application development. 

Top 10 Websites Written Using ASP.NET MVC: If you're an ASP.NET MVC fan, read this article to see which of your favorite sites are built on this popular development framework. 

10 Top Web Development Frameworks In 2017: We take a quick look at the frameworks most used and beloved by web developers this year. 

JavaScript Callback Hell: Solved: We take a look at the shortcomings of async and promise libraries in Node.js, and what you can do to improve the quality of JS in your app.

The Best From the Rest 

Reducing CSS Bundle Size 70% by Cutting the Class names and Using Scope Isolation by Gajus Kuizinas, July 12, 2017.

Chrome 60 - What's New in Dev Tools by Kayce Basques, July 14, 2017, 

Flash and the Future of Interactive Content by Adobe Corporate Communications, July 25, 2o17. 

Find Your Next Great Web Dev Gig

.NET Developer
Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom
Experience: Good knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and API and WCF service development. Experience writing code ASP.NET MVC and experience writing unit and integration tests.

Full Stack Developer
SemaText Group, Inc.
Location: Remote

Experience: Strong Java and intermediate JavaScript skills, as well as experience with Go and ReactJS. Additionally, experience Docker, Kubernetes, and APM or Log Management is preferred. 

Take a Deeper Dive Into Web Dev With Our Publications

Getting Started With Java-Based CMS Refcard: Using Content Management Systems in Java Applications by Russ Danner. 

React.js Essentials Refcard: The Simple Front-End Library for User Interfaces by Hemanth HM

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