Mule: How to Stop or Start Flows in Mule 4.x Programmatically

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Mule: How to Stop or Start Flows in Mule 4.x Programmatically

Learn how to start or stop flows in Mule 4.x programmatically.

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This article will describe the steps required to stop and start the flow in Mule 4 programmatically.

To be able to start and stop flows in Mule 4.x, you need to acquire the Mule Registry and then get the flow. This article provides a way to stop and start Mule flow using a Groovy script in Mule 4.x. 

You will need to perform the following steps:

1.      Add the scripting module to your project if you haven't previously added it

2.      Add a scripting component like the following:

<scripting:execute engine="groovy" doc:name="Toggle flow" doc:id="2eb6f071-bdef-4d3d-926d-2565fcd62d33" >
<scripting:code >flow = registry.lookupByName("flowName").get();
if (flow.isStarted())

That Script will start the flow with name "flowName" if it is not started and stop it otherwise.

NOTE: Please replace "flowName" with the actual name of the flow you wish to start/stop or with a variable.

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