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Software for Gear Design and Manufacturing Simulation on the NetBeans Platform

The "WZL Gear Toolbox", by the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, represents a unified graphical user interface containing different simulation programs for gear applications.

It enables the usage of the following simulations:

  • manufacturing simulation "GearGenerator"
  • process simulation "SPARTApro"
  • process simulation "KegelSpan"
  • tooth contact analysis "ZaKo3D"

The uniform graphical user interface enables the user to realize the simulations and to analyze the calculation results in a comfortable way.

Thus, the "WZL Gear Toolbox" enables the analysis of the running behavior of gears by means of tooth contact analysis of the manufacturing-related deviations from the generating grinding.

The long-term goal of the uniform graphical user interface is to provide a software tool containing the whole production chain of gear manufacturing.

The "WZL Gear Toolbox" is funded by the WZL Gear Research Circle.


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