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Great talking to Paul Kopacki, CMO at Realm. The mobile platform provider has launched Realm Academy, the industry’s most comprehensive free repository of written, audio and video content and training on the most popular mobile development tools and methodologies, across Apple iOS, Google Android, and other mobile platforms. Realm Academy is for experienced developers looking to learn and refine their skills working with the latest solutions, including Kotlin, RxSwift and MVVM.

Employees and consumers rely on mobile applications to perform their jobs and manage their daily activities anywhere, anytime and on the device of their choice. With mobile apps now becoming the defacto Internet, user expectations for a great mobile experience keep rising. This has been accompanied by a new era of tools and solutions to help mobile developers meet end user demands. Keeping up with these new tools is a challenge even for experienced mobile developers, which is why Realm developed the Realm Academy.   

“Realm’s mission has always been to make the lives of mobile developers easier, which is why hundreds of thousands of developers have built billions of apps using the Realm Mobile Database and Realm Mobile Platform,” said Alexander Stigsen, co-founder and CEO of Realm. “Realm Academy is an extension of this mission as it is intended to be a primary destination for them to hone their craft to build great mobile experiences for end users. We have already curated and shared close to 1,000 pieces of content from across the mobile community, focusing on the tools that developers care about the most, and we will work closely with recognized mobile experts to build on this incredible library.”

A key part of Realm Academy are the Learning Paths, offering educational videos and how-tos from key conferences and seminars, and blog posts and white papers that dive deep into specific topics that allow developers to quickly improve their skills on new tools and solutions.  

The curriculum for Realm Academy is largely based on Realm’s understanding of the most popular developer tools, which they generate by analyzing the thousands of apps that are built using the Realm Mobile Database. For example, within the last two months, Realm has observed that use of Kotlin, a new development tool for building Android mobile apps, has risen 47 percent. To match this shift in developer activity, Realm has dedicated a channel to Kotlin on Realm Academy and aggregated content to give experienced developers the exact information they need to become more proficient with it. Other Learning Paths include Introduction to RxSwiftScaling Applications and Exploring MVVM Architectures

According to Paul, Kotlin is replacing Java in Android mobile apps and will be as prevalent as Swift in iOS.

To further drive great content, Realm has recruited 45 leading mobile developers as Most Valuable Programmers, or MVPs, to contribute and curate content for Realm Academy. The MVPs are highly-engaged developers that have positioned themselves at the front lines of new tools and solutions, regularly attending and contributing to industry conferences and events. 

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