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Users keep expecting more responsive cross-device UX, and mobile app developers are feeling increased pressure to keep up. How are developers actually building mobile apps in 2016? The DZone Guide to Mobile Application Development (Volume III) presents original survey data, gathered from over 400 developers, on real-world tools, techniques, frameworks, and all aspects of mobile developer experience (DX) for native and hybrid mobile app development. The Guide also includes focused technical articles on modern wireless technologies, real-time and streaming mobile data, native cross-platform mobile architecture, and more. Discover how WORA is now possible for mobile apps, dig deeper into the current state of the mobile development ecosystem, learn which technologies are worth investing in, and explore the future of mobile app development.

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"A good overview of the current and future mobile evolution."

Lars Roewekamp, DZone Reader

"An extremely useful guide on the current situation of mobile development and trends for the future."

Rom Linhares, DZone Reader

"From beginners to experts, this Guide is useful to all mobile app developers."

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"A great reference for a wide glance of the mobile market's tendencies."

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Key Research Findings
In Modern AppDev, Native Apps Emerge Superior
Real-Time and Streaming in the Mobile World
Wireless Communications in Modern Mobile Technologies
Infographic: The Emojis of Mobile Development
Native Cross-Platform Mobile Architecture
The Changing Mobile OS Landscape in the Enterprise
Diving Deeper into Mobile Application Development
Checklist: Essential Android & iOS Libraries
Executive Insights on Mobile Application Development
Mobile Solutions Directory

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