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Performance & Monitoring

The 2015 DZone Guide to Performance & Monitoring will help you take a hard look at your software design and monitoring strategies so that you can build a performant foundation for your applications and better identify the root causes of performance problems.

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DZone Member Feedback

"It brought much needed insight to this topic. I liked the articles and the checklist."

Richard Brochu, DZone Reader

"Gives a holistic view of monitoring and performance tools available in market."

Prateek Jain, DZone Reader

"Great details with tools available in market as well popularity based on features. Really helpful in finalizing tools that best fit to my role and company."

Bhupat Parmar, DZone Reader

"Reading the guide helps to get an opinion from experts, which is a great way to share experience."

Amit Shah, DZone Reader


Table of Contents

Letter From the Editor
Summary & Key Takeaways
Key Research Findings
Does Monitoring Still Suck?
Try Optimizing Memory Consumption First
Mechanical Sympathy: Understanding the Hardware Makes You a Better Developer
Diving Deeper Into Performance & Monitoring
The Web Performance APIs Reference
The Scale of Computing Latencies
Chasing Performance Phantoms: Looking Beyond “Why the Slowest Thing is Slow”
How to Define Performance Requirements
Front-end Optimization Checklist
Solutions Directory

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