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Mobile Development

The 2015 DZone Guide to Mobile Development includes views from developer, user, and infrastructure perspectives; a sweet listing of platforms and frameworks to facilitate mobile development; plus a fun glance at pain points encountered by mobile developers.

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"As a hybrid app developer, I find the guide very useful. It helps justify my decisions to my boss on the approach that I decided to take."

Richard Gonzales, DZone Reader

"The Guide to Mobile Development was really good–I shared it with my team."

Christopher Warter, DZone Reader

"As a first time reader, I found it very intriguing. I'm new to mobile development so this was a fantastic way to introduce me."

Taran Barber, DZone Reader

"I thought this was a great guide that covered all aspects of mobile development. There were a lot of great resources listed to get more information on topics from this guide."

Keith Lattie, DZone Reader


Table of Contents

Letter From the Editor
Executive Summary
Key Research Findings
Concerns and Complaints: Mobile Development From Dev and User Perspectives
The 3 Types of Mobile Experiences
Diving Deeper Into Mobile Development
Mobile Development Pain Points
The Internet of Things and Its Impact on All Things Mobile
Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS): Doing the Heavy Lifting on Backend Integration
Mobile App Testing Checklist
Solutions Directory
Diving Deeper Into Featured Mobile Development Solutions

Interactive Preview


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