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Deprecation Notice: The DZone MVB Program is no longer accepting applicants. If you are interested in joining DZone's premier tech blogger program, email us at editors@dzone.com to learn more about our current program "DZone Core".


Most Valuable Blogger
(MVB) Program

Reach a Global Audience of Software Developers

If you’re a developer and a writer, you’re a perfect fit for the DZone MVB program. This special group of contributors is made up of technology topic experts and thought leaders from around the globe. When we need high-quality content, we turn to them and their expertise. In turn, we promote their awesome content to our audience.

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How Does the MVB Program Work?

DZone works with our MVBs to automatically share their best articles on DZone. All an MVB needs to do is keep publishing fantastic content, and our team takes care of the rest.

The Content Curation Process

MVB Step 1

You continue writing great content on your blog

MVB Step 2

Our editors monitor your stream and curate your content to DZone

MVB Step 3

You receive a notification when your blog post goes live on DZone

MVB Step 4

Thousands of developers around the world read your content on DZone

MVB Step 5

We promote your content in our topic portals, emails, and social feeds!

DZone MVBs by the Numbers

Our MVBs are a talented, prolific group of writers. They are based around the globe, but all of them are active in the DZone community.


Active DZone MVBs


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Pageviews on MVB Articles


Pageviews per MVB Post

Why Become an MVB?

In addition to becoming a thought leader in the DZone community, MVBs can expect the following benefits.



in DZone's newsletters, portals, and social feeds



to a global audience of developers



to paid writing opportunities like Guides and Refcardz



and rewards for outstanding contributions



and support from the DZone editorial team



for your personal brand and reputation

How Do I Get Started?

If you're a tech expert who maintains a blog, you're a candidate for MVB status. To begin, fill out the form below.

Wait, I Still Have Questions!

Email editors@dzone.com or check out our Contributor FAQs.