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Edge Computing and IoT

Edge computing aims to solve cloud computing challenges amidst the continued monumental growth of the Internet of Things. While IoT causes a massive data volume problem, edge computing addresses the classic data locality problem. The latter helps solve the former, but edge computing is a much bigger concept than "IoT data filtration" alone.

The intersection of these paradigms is particularly hard to pin down given their immaturity at the implementation level. DZone's recent 2020 Edge Computing and IoT survey served to help better understand the state of the industry, as well as the mind of the practicing IoT programmer and edge-computing user. This Trend Report presents observations and analyses of survey results and an interview with industry leader Muhammad Rehman. Readers will also find content written by DZone community members, including a timely article that illustrates the impactful role that edge and cloud computing played in healthcare over the last year.

Published: Dec. 18, 2020