13 FAQ to Include in the Help Menu of Your Educational App

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13 FAQ to Include in the Help Menu of Your Educational App

Here are some great tips for questions that should be addressed in the FAQs section of your educational app. Don't have an FAQs section in your app, then you should consider building one too!

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A good Help Menu is essential for kids educational apps to give assistance when teachers or students are faced with common problems or when they need to know some basic information about your app. Additionally, the Help Menu should also contain directions on how to do particular functions of your app. You should use easy to understand language and avoid jargons and other technical stuff when you make a Help Menu.

Given below are some of the sample questions that are typically unavoidable for an educational app.

  1. What educational function does your app do?

    Mention why your app should be used and exactly what purposes it would fulfill. Detail the skills that develop in students by using the app.

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  2. Why your educational app?

    Give the most promising reasons for using your app than the competitor's ones.

  3. Which are the top schools using your app?

    Give a list of the notable institutions that currently uses your app, if any.

  4. What additional in-app purchases are available?

    If your app is not completely free, you should provide all the extended functionalities available through in-app purchases.

  5. What are the platforms supported?

    Mention all the platforms that your app is available for.

  6. What are the other products that can be used in conjunction with the app?

    Give a list of the other products from you that can be used in conjunction with your app, so that you can increase the learning output.

  7. Does your app collect information from your phone?

    Give information about the different user data that your app will collect and the purpose for doing so.

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  8. Is your app secure?

    Give adequate security and privacy information. Also give the link to your privacy policy and disclaimer.

  9. Can existing student data be migrated to your app?

    Give the various data migration options possible.

  10. What's new in your application?

    Describe the things that are new additions in your app compared with the earlier versions.

  11. How do you train to use your app?

    Give additional resources such as demo videos, online presentations, tutorials etc. that can be used for training.

  12. Give support for fixing problems

    Your app should offer different ways to troubleshoot performance errors.

  13. Give feedback information

    The Help Menu should contain a feedback form and other information for your customers to contact you.

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