8 Major Challenges Faced by Android Application Developers

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8 Major Challenges Faced by Android Application Developers

Mobile development is much more popular, but mobile devs face a number of challenges. Here are eight detriments to Android devs, like lack of hardware standardization, and software fragmentation.

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Developing Apps for the Android OS gives a lot of freedom to developers and access to an ever-growing user base to the app owner. However, the developers face many Android app development challenges in the process.

The Android platform poses great many opportunities for Android app developers. There are many Android app development service providers as well who can help enterprises create unique business apps for the Android platform. Being the most popular OS for smartphones across the globe, Android gives the app owner access to an enormous user base. However, developers, despite many opportunities, must face many challenges.

Challenges for Developers

Some key Android app development challenges are listed below:

  1. Software Fragmentation: There are many Android OS versions which developers find hard to keep up with when it comes to app development. It is impractical to focus only on the most recent Android version as not all users may have upgraded to the most recent OS.

  2. Hardware Fragmentation: This becomes a big Android app development challenge since there are nearly 170+ devices running the OS. Each device has different features with respect to keyboard forms, screen size, camera buttons, etc., making it a development nightmare.

  3. No Software/Hardware Standardization: The huge number of devices running Android gives rise to another Android app development challenge–lack of software/hardware standardization across the devices. This becomes a nightmare for developers as each device has a different function for a different button.

  4. Several Carriers: Android app development service providers should know that there are many carriers available for the Android OS, each with the freedom to modify the OS for their purposes. This only multiplies the fragmentation problems for developers.

  5. Security: Unlike Apple’s strict guidelines for app development, no such governance exists for Android apps. As a result, many malware problems arise and software/hardware fragmentation only makes fixing the problems more difficult. This gives rise to tremendous amounts of security issues.

  6. Market Research Costs: One of the biggest Android app development challenges for developers is the cost behind market research. Understanding the end user is key to Android app development, but can require a lot of research, making it costly for developers.

  7. Patent Issues: The recent lawsuits indicate that several Android features may be declared as violation of patent issues. This can become a big Android app development challenge for developers.

  8. Android Market Search Engine: One of the major Android app development challenges for developers is the Android marketplace. Android has more than 8 million apps on its marketplace today and getting your app visible amongst them is a challenge. As a result, even with a great android app developed, if you don’t pay attention to its promotion, you may lose out on gaining any traction.

What other challenges have you faced as an Android developer? Share your Android mobile development experience with us.


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