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Agile vs. Waterfall

A list of exactly what Agile does differently than Waterfall.

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Here is my one page summary of some key differences between Agile and Waterfall.

I created this when I was asked to explain this to an exec earlier this month about this and I didn’t have anything good in my toolkit, nor could I find something on Google.

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A comparison of key elements of Agile and Waterfall delivery approaches.

Key Differences

  • In waterfall, the focus is on creating documents that capture what is needed. In Agile, the focus is on working software.
  • In waterfall, people tend to work in sequence – like a relay race. In Agile, people collaborate – like a soccer team.
  • In Agile, the focus is on working together as a team and learning how to improve. There is a different mindset or culture.
  • In Waterfall, there is usually a messy whirlpool at then end where people abandon documentation to start figuring out how to make things work and/or what users really want.
  • In Agile, software is delivered incrementally so it is much easier to predict delivery dates.


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