Build a Custom ODBC Driver in C/C++, Java, or C#

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Build a Custom ODBC Driver in C/C++, Java, or C#

Are you struggling to find a driver for your amazing, unique application? Here's our quick guide for building a custom driver.

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In today’s tech world, your success is directly proportional to your ability to integrate with other technologies and make more informed decisions. Well, everyone seems to know that, so how do you differentiate? You differentiate yourself by choosing the smartest way to integrate technologies—using standards based drivers. 

Can't find a driver for your application? You might be one of the following:

Why You Need a Custom Driver

  1. You work for a company that uses a unique data engine that you wish to integrate with other applications such as Tableau, MS Excel, Ateryx, etc.
  2. You have an amazing product that needs a standard interface to let other applications access your product
  3. You are a tech buff who just likes to code a custom driver (if that's you, feel free to reach out to me — we are always hiring!)

Next Steps

In any case, all you need is OpenAccess SDK, which allows you to develop a driverOpen Access SDK your choice: ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET or OLEDB. With 99% of the code already provided, you only implement 12 functions as you write a driver of your choice in the language of your choice: C/C++, Java, .NET, C#, ABL or 4GL. We take special care to optimize the CRUD operations with the OpenAccess SQL engine to reduce coding and make your lives easier. We are ANSI SQL-92 compliant and we support all the major platforms including Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris and more.

For your convenience, I've put together a list of resources you can use to learn about and evaluate Progress products:

Learn More

  1. Here is how NetSuite and UZ Leuven benefited from using OpenAccess to build custom drivers
  2. You would definitely want to read what Sumit Sarkar, our Chief Data Evangelist, has to say about building an ODBC Driver
  3. This tutorial on enabling Cognos for custom data sources gives you step by step instructions for coding an ODBC driver
  4. This blog will help you write a custom driver for REST data sources
  5. You should also check out this webinar and learn how to SQL-enable your SaaS application and streamline BI connectivity for your customers

Build a Custom Driver Today

So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Build your own custom driver using the Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK Installation Guide.  You can download DataDirect OpenAccess SDK and get started, or reach out to us online with any questions you may have, or leave us a message in the comments section below.

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